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Noah keeps busy running his three websites; GetGhostGear.com in which he has been selling paranormal investigating equipment world wide for over five years, UFOwisconsin.com where he regularly posts new reports on Wisconsin's UFO phenomena along with keeping the W-Files.com running all things odd, now since it was first published in 1997. Noah has worked with such companies as the History Channel, Triage Entertainment and Lions Gate Films on projects ranging from UFO documentaries to ABC's 'Scariest Places on Earth'. Noah has also appeared on local and international radio programs such as 'Wake Up America, A UFO Study', 'The Kevin Smith Show' and Wisconsin's very own 'Unexplained Radio Show'.


Presentations Choices


Adventures of Paranormal Investigators

Question & Answer Session with Noah Voss and Kevin Nelson

Watch as Noah and Kevin pull the audience into their exciting adventure filled world by sharing their personal and unique experiences of nearly 30 years combined research. Searching the woods for Bigfoot, conducting a UFO investigation, chasing down reports of vampires to werewolves or looking for ghosts in haunted locations these two don't shy away from any case. They have yet to finish a presentation without hands still in the air, yearning for more!


UFO's, Wisconsin & Beyond

Ufologist and author Noah Voss takes you down a little known, modestly discussed path of Wisconsin's historic connection with the UFO phenomenon. From ice circles to the north, United States Air Force investigator's visiting the south, crafts landing to the west, crop circles to the east and sightings everywhere in-between Wisconsin has no lack of UFO related areas to speak on. Noah Voss can make available his non-fiction book UFO Wisconsin for sale before and after the lecture to help add content to your event.


Paranormal Investigating Courses

Work side by side with veteran paranormal investigator Noah Voss. Learn from hands-on presentations, performed with cutting edge scientific and metaphysical investigating equipment. The tools are provided by GetGhostGear.com for how-to classes, the world leader in supplying paranormal investigating equipment. Courses offered for the complete novice too the most seasoned investigator.


Build YOUR Own Presentation

Noah Voss will labor with you to learn your audience, event or demographic to create the most suitable presentation to fit your entertainment, educational or just plain paranormal needs. Noah Voss has available a myriad of paranormal investigating equipment that can be set up for visual aids to help move the logical thought process of your audience along on such topics as ghost investigations, cryptozoological studies, UFO research and any other anomalous phenomena.

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