Body of Water Region Description  Date(s)
Red Cedar Lake Jefferson County, Madison, Wisconsin Undulating serpent with saw-tooth like humps on on its back. 1891
Rock Lake Wisconsin Sea-serpent type.  Neck at least 3' long.  Once hissed at a fisherman.  Described as "smelly." 31 Aug 1882, 1867
Rock River Wisconsin Click here to read the Indian legend. Indians
Lake Monona East Madison, Wisconsin Mentioned in the Wisconsin State Journal. 20-30 foot long serpent with boat-like back.  Said to have eaten a dog. 12 June 1897
Lake Pewaukee Madison, Wisconsin Sea-serpent, "a huge green thing traveling like a gray streak," sometimes seen spouting water.  A reward was offered for its capture, but no one wanted to risk it! 1890's
Oconomowoc Lake Wisconsin Serpent 1890's
Elkhart Lake Madison, Wisconsin, Large jaws, sparkling eyes. mid 1890's
Lake Koshkonong Wisconsin Tore up fish nets and ate pigs feeding off shore. Pre-Columbian to 1800's
Lake Geneva Wisconsin Liked to overturn small water craft and follow in the wakes of steamboats. 1890's
Delavan Lake Wisconsin   ~1900
Lake Michigan Near Milwaukee, Wisconsin Serpentine Late 1890's to early 1900's
Lake Waubesa Just south of Madison, Wisconsin Giant snake-like creature seen sunning itself on the water surface.  60-70' tall, dark-green.  Glittery eyes.  
Lake Kegonsa Wisconsin "Vengeful and destructive" dragon.  


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