Close Encounter of the Fourth Kind - Abduction Case

Chad Lewis discusses his UFO investigations at the University of Wisconsin-Stout


Eau Claire, WI CE4 Case Study
Investigation Report:
Eau Claire, WI CE4 Case Study (7/98)
  Chad Lewis - WI MUFON State Director
                       Craig Lang - MN MUFON FI Coordinator

Case Background:

We were introduced to the primary witness in this case when she contacted Bob Schultz of MN MUFON. She was then placed in contact with John Carpenter. She arranged to meet him on the weekend of his lecture in Eau Claire, WI (15 Nov, 1997). During that weekend, we interviewed her and made arrangements to perform a follow up site visit.  Chad Lewis and Craig Lang performed the initial follow up visit on 24 Jan, 1998. Craig Lang performed a interview visits on 20 June, 1998. This report contains details of these visits, plus related material. The witness has indicated that she intends to pursue hypnotic regression. Chad Lewis is currently arranging this. This investigation is ongoing and this report will be updated as events unfold.

Witness Descriptions [CL Note: Specific identifying details are withheld to maintain witness anonymity. These details are on MUFON Form1 for each sighting and are confidential to MUFON. In addition, at the discretion of the witnesses, qualified researchers may contact them through the investigators.]

The primary witness is a thirty four year old mother of three. She, her husband and their children live in a house in rural Eau Claire, WI. She is employed as a clerical worker and he is a craftsman in a factory in the region. She is also attending college at the present time. The primary witness and her husband both describe their health, vision, and hearing as good.

The witness indicates that both she and her husband have had anomalous experiences, including several well-defined CE1, CE3 and CE4 events. The children have also apparently observed or experienced some anomalous events. We have been able to talk with them to a limited degree regarding these. Background paranormal events have not been included in this report.

The family lives on farm property in Rural Eau Claire, WI. To their north is a farm field, with a woods on the opposite side, which is approximately 1 mile to their north.

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