Even the experts don’t know: Pam Bryce with the mystery animal, which has some similarities to the rock wallaby.


Mystery creature

08/19/04 - Tenderfield Star / Australia

Do you know what this animal is?

Despite 20 years of caring for animals, Northern Tablelands Wildlife carer Pam Bryce says she is stumped.

A tiny rock wallaby-type animal was found six weeks ago west of Tenterfield and Pam said despite four visits to the local National Parks and Wildlife Service, even the experts can't help.

As always, Pam put her hand up to take the animal in but was left speechless as to what it was.

"I said I would take it in and looked at it and said it's a a...," Pam stammered.

She said that she has put her little furry friend on a 'wallaby' diet but it has been weaning itself and is getting underweight.

"I don't know what she likes - I've tried parsnips, turnips, grapes, rolled oats," Pam said exasperated.

"No one can tell me what to do - I just wish I knew what I had."

Pam said she was doing what she could to keep the animal alive until someone could help her solve the mystery, with the specialist feeding of the animal needing due care.

She cited that it was the big feet and long tail in comparison to the rest of the animal that led her to initially think it was a rock wallaby of some description.

"[But] she's got me stumped".

Pam said she also worried that the animal might be an endangered species and said, "What do we do then?"

"I'm hopeful some ‘bushie' might recognise it and have some kind of name for it.

"They just might know and then at least we would have somewhere to start."

She has since had pictures posted on the Internet to help in the quest to identify the animal.

If anyone can help, they can ring Pam Bryce on 6736 2462.

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