05/11/05 - A Current Affair

An expedition to confirm the latest ‘Bigfoot’ sighting was announced last night on ‘A Current Affair’ by host Tim Green.

“The hunt is on for ‘Bigfoot’ and ‘A Current Affair’ is leading the way,” says Green on last night’s broadcast. “We are sending an expedition to Manitoba to track Bigfoot.”

After ‘A Current Affair’ unleashed videotape across America of the latest sighting of the infamous Bigfoot, the scientific, zoological and journalistic communities have united in the excitement of discovery -- and now in an expedition to confirm the existence of this entity.

Foremost Bigfoot expert Matthew Moneymaker of the Bigfoot Field Research Group Matthew Moneymaker testified to the videotapes’ apparent authenticity.

“It leans toward being not a human, and when it's not a human and it does not fit the description of things people see in other places, then it's more likely a Sasquatch.”

Bigfoot. Sasquatch. Yeti. The Abominable Snowman. Whatever the name… it is the most elusive creature known to cryptozoologists. The shy behemoth was first captured on video in Northern California in 1967. The hunt and debate has gone on ever since.

And now, after dozens of sightings in the region, this latest video from the village of Nelson House in Manitoba has the trackers out again with ‘A Current Affair’ funding the latest expedition.

Shot on April 16th on the northern edge of Lake Winnipeg in Manitoba Canada, this latest video of a blurry, moving object is believed to be none other than the mysterious creature known as Bigfoot.

Bobby Clarke of the Cree Indian nation shot the video. He tells ‘A Current Affair,’ “I started recording. I tried zooming in…Didn't really hit me at first … All I seen was just this figure. I knew it couldn't be a man. It's a little too large to be a man.”

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