Circle spotter comes a cropper

07/20/07 - Metro

This striking design in a wheat field is an illustration of chaos theory, crop circle spotters say.

Sure enough, the 150m (500ft) long butterfly was soon causing chaos as a crop circle fan who travelled from Germany to Oxfordshire to see it plunged his hire car into a nearby canal.

The so-called 'butterfly effect' is the most famous example of chaos theory, and holds that the beat of a butterfly's wings in the Amazon can, through a chain reaction, lead to a hurricane on the other side of the world.

But it was more of a flood than a hurricane for German tourist Jozef Cene.

After stopping for a drink with fellow crop circle enthusiasts at the Barge Inn, near Pewsey, Wiltshire, Mr Cene drove his Fiat Punto straight into a canal.

'I saw the muddy water and thought it was Tarmac,'said the red-faced German. 'So I indicated and drove straight in.'

Mr Cene, 38, became trapped in the car, but pub-goers who jumped into the water were able to free him.

The impressive butterfly crop circle is at Alfred's Castle, near Ashbury.

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