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Farmers - and one full-time UFO investigator - check out crop circles in a wheat field near Wilbur.

Have Aliens left a crop circle calling card in Wilbur?

Rick Lukens / Good Morning Northwest Anchor

07/16/07 - KXLY

WILBUR, WA. -- In Lincoln County, they're wondering if it's science or fiction but what is known is that someone recently paid a visit to a wheat field near Wilbur. If you subscribe to the “science” theory then those visitors traveled a very long way probably without using Highway 2.


The wheat crop occupies much of the conversation in Lincoln County but lately people have something else to talk about: crop circles, discovered in a wheat field on June 27th, have created a buzz around the nearby town of Wilbur.


Since the discovery there’s been a steady stream of visitors to the site but not everyone is buying it. However that hasn’t stopped the two guys who first spotted the crop circles – Mitch Sorenson and Steve Reed – from telling and re-telling their story.



"We stopped in the pickup right here, and just looked for any tracks or visual sign going in here, which there wasn't,” Mitch Sorenson said.


“I went out there last night and there was a guy there says, 'Look what you started,'" Steve Reed added.


Reed and Sorenson do have the attention of one person: Peter Davenport, a full-time UFO investigation.


“What I saw, just upon gross inspection, suggests to me that almost certainly we're dealing with something that was not made by humans," Davenport said.


Reed and Sorenson aren’t quite ready to agree with Davenport.


“I think if there was somebody else out here, they'd have more important things to do than stomp our wheat down, espcially at five dollars and fifty cents a bushel," Reed said.


However in the interests of science they left their protective gear behind and went with Davenport to the site of the crop circles. Davenport says he's no expert on crop formations but he saw things at the site that intrigued him.


“The first thing that meets my eye is that the center of the swirl of the stalks of grain that are laid down, appears not to be in the geometric center of the larger circle,” Davenport said.


He says a prankster using a board and string could not have done this. On a hoax job he says the stalks of wheat are often crimped. That wasn’t the case in the wheat fields outside of Wilbur though.


“The base, right here, was rounded by up to 90 degrees. It wasn't crimped. It was molecularly changed somehow,” Davenport said.


Food for thought, but it didn’t stop Mitch from taking a bite of the potentially alien-altered wheat.


“Well, so far I'm feeling alright," Sorenson after eating a few grains of wheat.


Mitch and Steve both admit the UFO investigator makes an interesting case, but in a few weeks it'll be harvest time, and everyone will have more important things to talk about, like what to do with all that damaged wheat out there in those crop circles.


“Wheat beer? Yeah, okay, alien wheat beer," Steve suggested.

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