Invisible tiny UFO caught on chemical-imaging camera
02/13/05 - India Daily

In India’s one of the premiere research and development laboratories, an interesting project reached its testing schedule. A chemical-imaging camera that is capable of capturing the chemical composition and distribution of a sample in seconds was unleashed.

The scientists were testing the camera in different sample parts. A camera that could quickly pick up a specific chemical signature and generate a three-dimensional data cube of spectral, spatial, and intensity information helped the scientist analyze objects and its chemical composition. A traditional cooled Infra Red (IR) camera was also used to take the photo of the same object. IR camera recognizes objects that are invisible at night by their heat signatures.

According to sources, while analyzing data the scientists came across something very strange and bizarre. A set of photos showed a tiny miniature Unidentified Flying Object. The IR camera failed to capture the same because apparently the UFO was using frictionless traction with anti-gravity lifting mechanisms. But the chemical-imaging camera picked it up.

According to some of these scientists, the group is now investigating if invisible UFOs are all around us. The IR camera cannot pick these up because they are not only stealth, they are non-heat producing crafts. Many of these crafts are remote controlled without any life forms inside the same. As a result, naked eyes, the most sophisticated radar systems and even the IR cameras cannot see them.

But these miniature tiny UFOs are captured by the presence of the Chemical-imaging cameras. Another interesting observation was noted - when the Chemical-imaging cameras captured the details of the UFO, the UFO’s maneuvers clearly suggested that it easily detected the presence of the Chemical-imaging cameras in the vicinity.

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