Mexican Air Force Pilots Film 11 UFOs

05/11/04 - Associated Press

MEXICO CITY - Mexican Air Force pilots filmed 11 unidentified flying objects in the skies over southern Campeche state, a Defense Department spokesman confirmed Tuesday.

A videotape made widely available to the news media on Tuesday shows the bright objects, some sharp points of light and others like large headlights, moving rapidly in what appears to be a late-evening sky.

The lights were filmed on March 5 by pilots using infrared equipment. They appeared to be flying at an altitude of about 3,500 meters (11,480 feet), and allegedly surrounded the Air Force jet as it conducted routine anti-drug trafficking vigilance in Campeche. Only three of the objects showed up on the plane's radar.

"Was I afraid? Yes. A little afraid because we were facing something that had never happened before," said radar operator Lt. German Marin in a taped interview made public Tuesday.

"I couldn't say what it was ... but I think they're completely real," added Lt. Mario Adrian Vazquez, the infrared equipment operator. Vazquez insisted that there was no way to alter the recorded images.

The plane's captain, Maj. Magdaleno Castanon, said the military jets chased the lights "and I believe they could feel we were pursuing them."

When the jets stopped following the objects, they disappeared, he said.

A Defense Department spokesman confirmed Tuesday that the videotape was filmed by members of the Mexican Air Force. The spokesman declined to comment further and spoke on customary condition of anonymity.

The video was first aired on national television Monday night then again at a news conference Tuesday by Jaime Maussan, a Mexican investigator who has dedicated the past 10 years to studying UFOs.

"This is historic news," Maussan told reporters. "Hundreds of videos (of UFOs) exist, but none had the backing of the armed forces of any country. ... The armed forces don't perpetuate frauds."

Maussan said Secretary of Defense Gen. Ricardo Vega Garcia gave him the video on April 22.

UFO video could be key in enthusiast's career

Military sighting lends credibility to man who's revered and jeered

07/10/04 - The Dallas Morning News


MEXICO CITY – Jaime Maussan has spent the past decade collecting possible evidence of alien visits to Earth and maintains he has had personal contact with other "entities."

He presents UFO photos, videos and testimony on two Internet sites, at conferences in Mexico and the United States, on the radio and on his new prime-time television show.

Entertainer, journalist and believer, Mr. Maussan is the guru of a subculture of UFO and space-travel devotees in Mexico, where there are a surprising number of reported sightings.

Like their astronomer ancestors, Mexicans embrace the notion of life in outer space and are generally less cynical about the UFO phenomenon than Americans.

"In no other place in the world is there such a commitment to producing evidence" of UFOs as in Mexico, he said.

And now Mr. Maussan says he has secured the most definitive proof yet of extraterrestrial visitors, and from an unlikely source: Mexico's super-secretive military.

The air force tape shows 11 luminous flying objects that military experts can't explain. So they sought out Mr. Maussan and cooperated with his investigation.

With the video has come a new dose of respect, Mr. Maussan said.

That could counter attacks on Mr. Maussan's credibility by Mexican scientists and even UFO buffs in other countries. While he is a darling among some in the UFO field, he is also considered one of the worst hucksters by scientists and skeptics, believers and nonbelievers, many of whom have their own Web sites.

UFO Watchdog, which is much more interested in debunking UFO theories than searching for proof of extraterrestial life, is one. A Chile-based Web site, "La Nave de los Locos" or "Ship of the Crazy," likewise is dedicated to debunking UFO stories and the people who make money off them.

Both sites suggest that Mr. Maussan accepts any and all UFO stories and repeats them with little or no skepticism to make money. The Web site UFO Watchdog has placed Mr. Maussan in its "UFO Hall of Shame," alleging that the longtime journalist is a "promoter and supporter of various UFO hoaxes."

Before and after

Mr. Maussan, 51, acknowledges that there are bogus UFO stories, but he said his new military-filmed video is bulletproof.

"This is a watershed," he said of the video, which was broadcast worldwide in May and was the top story on Mexico's nightly news. In the history of UFOs, "there is a before, and there is an after," Mr. Maussan said in the dramatic tone that has made him a mainstream entertainer and global UFO "expert."

The video also may be a watershed in Mr. Maussan's career.

He used it on the June 13 debut episode of his two-hour weekly TV show, Great Mysteries of the Third Millennium, which is broadcast live from his own studio.

On the show, air force pilots described their surprise at coming across luminous objects while looking for drug traffickers in the lower Gulf of Mexico on March 5.

Some of the objects showed up on radar, the pilots said, meaning they had mass. Others showed up on an infrared camera, meaning they emitted heat. During the incident, the pilots expressed surprise and even concern that they were being surrounded.

At one point, one soldier says with nervous laughter, "We are not alone."

National Defense Minister Ricardo Clemente Vega García said the video was given to Mr. Maussan largely because the defense ministry was unaware of anyone else who actively studied the subject in Mexico.

"There are more copies for those scientists who want to see it, only we don't know them," Mr. Vega said. He added that the military had no opinion on what the shiny objects might be and had never used words like "UFO" or "flying saucer" to describe them.

Since President Vicente Fox became the first politician from an opposition party to hold that office in seven decades, the notoriously closed military has been somewhat more open.

Mr. Maussan, who dresses casually and exudes sincerity, said he is a skeptical journalist who simply presents the evidence.

He cites his credentials as the former host of the investigative news show 60 Minutos, which is unrelated to the popular U.S. TV news magazine 60 Minutes, and a long list of awards and achievements.

'A matter of time'

Mr. Maussan is also a believer who said he has had contact with "entities." The experience, he said, was shared by half a dozen people and came in the early years of his UFO investigations.

"For me, it was something very important. It convinced me that this phenomenon is real and that it's just a matter of time. The most natural logic indicates that this universe must be full of intelligent life forms, and it's very likely that they are more intelligent than us and can reach our planet," he said.

Mr. Maussan said he did not want to go into the details of his personal experiences because that would make him, rather than his journalistic work, the focus of attention.

"We are talking about the most important story in history,' he said. "When you accept that intelligent entities of unknown origin exist in our world, it changes everything."

While Mr. Maussan said he is not rich, his unique home in a wooded area of Mexico City features underground bedrooms, connecting tunnels and ongoing construction.

An above-ground nook is carved from a single tree and resembles a pointy spaceship. But there are few other UFO knickknacks, and his two young children don't seem particularly interested in the topic. Mr. Maussan said his wife used to be a skeptic, too.

To be sure, scientists from Mexico and elsewhere are loudly skeptical of this latest video. The usual explanations – weather phenomena, offshore oil rigs, highway lights – have been suggested.

UFO believers are unmoved and remain elated about the rare military openness.

'This was an offense'

An admitted workaholic, Mr. Maussan holds twice-a-week conferences around Mexico at $20 per attendee, and he had his first in-person sessions in the U.S. on June 25 and 26, in Los Angeles.

He is a regular guest on U.S. Spanish-language programs such as the talk show Cristina. His own TV show can be seen by U.S. viewers via streamed Internet.

"Many people ask me why the video was given to me," Mr. Maussan said from his downtown Mexico City office, which is sprinkled with a few UFO knickknacks. "Because of 13 years of presenting this type of evidence. For the scientists, this was an offense. But for the people, this was absolutely natural.

"The scientists," he added, "would have explained it away and guarded it in a drawer so that no one could see it."

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Expert: Video UFO lights in Mexico not fake

07/16/04 - KMSB FOX 11

By Scott Davis / NewsChannel 3 producer


Video of Mexican UFOs not a fake

Well, the analysis is done and the conclusion on the Mexico 11?

It's not a fake.

The Mexico 11 is a video showing a number of mysterious lights in the skies over eastern Mexico.

One of the world's foremost videotape analysts lives in Phoenix and says what you see in the video tape are unidentified flying objects.

Jim Dilettoso spent more than two weeks with the videotape.

Dilettoso studied the tape "frame by frame" studying each orb to find what he calls the "absolute center."

"So the first thing I did was to enhance the major passages of the video looking for any kind of structure because lights that bright, even on an infrared image, were going to, even for a fleeting moment, cast a light or make heat happen on some kind of structure," he said. "No evidence of structure at all."

The pilots who captured the sighting saw no structure either. In fact, they never saw the lights with their own eyes. They only appear on tape -- recorded with radar and infrared technology.

The pilots, on drug patrol over Campeche, counted 11 bright lights that appear to be flying along with them. When the video was released, some said the lights must be a phenomenon called "ball lightning" -- glowing spheres that result from a lightning strike.

"I've been collecting data in this area for 38 years and I have never heard of anything like this that's related to ball lightning," said Robert Golka, a world-recognized expert on nuclear science and ball lightning. He said what's on the tape is not ball lightning.

"Ball lightning has been seen to bounce on the floor and get smaller each time, each bounce, and then go off with a pop," he said. "Sometimes the whole thing goes at one time in an explosion which can damage things in a room. So if it were that type of phenomenon, I would say yes that would be ball lightning, but this is totally different. These things appeared, disappeared, followed the plane, were invisible to the human spectrum. This has got to be something different or a strange type of ball lightning that we've never heard of before but I kind of doubt that."

Dilettoso begins every project with the idea in mind that such occurrences could be a hoax, and then tries to rule it out.

"We have a number of frames where the light goes off, appears in another spot, moves, and then comes back and locks on again in the same place," he said. "This is happening while traveling at about 200 mph, while the plane is moving at about 200 mph and it's going on for over 30 minutes."

Dilettoso analyzed every frame of the 30-minute tape.

A computer model shows that the mysterious lights are three-dimensional, moving under their own or someone else's control, illuminated from the inside and like no other aircraft known to man.

"It's not like the dome of a car light or a headlight that's flat with light or slightly curved," he said. "This comes out in a complete half circle. That's the primary thing we found. It is kind of weird."

And, it's an unidentified flying object.

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