Crop Circle Shows up in Spanish Fork
06/29/04 -  KTVX

SPANISH FORK, UT - A large crop circle, surrounded by three smaller symbols of the same pattern, has startled motorists on Utah Highway 189.

The circle, etched into a wheat field near Salem, was first noticed Sunday morning.

Those kinds of geometric patterns are believed by some to be communications from aliens, but many people who saw the circle said they thought it was a hoax.

"It looks like it is well done," said Gene Bradford, who took his brother and children to see the design. "It's not one of the most elaborate crop circles that you've seen. It's fairly simple."

Another observer noted that several walking paths were evident around the circle.

In Utah, nine other crop circles have surfaced over the years. The largest showed up in College Ward on July 21, 1998 - the same day that similar circles appeared in Oregon, Idaho and Belgium.

While no one has confessed to making those designs, other crop circles have been claimed by pranksters who used a stake, rope and a board to flatten cereal crops into geometric designs.

Utah County police were investigating the circle, but hadn't determined who or what might have created the unusual markings.


Crop Circle Shows Up in Spanish Fork
06/29/04 - KSL-TV

SPANISH FORK, UT - People traveling between Spanish Fork and Salem are noticing something very unusual this week.

This mysterious "crop circle" surfaced in a wheat field in Utah County Sunday morning.

Police are investigating, but don't know who created it or how it was done. People have their own opinions.

Some believe pranksters simply use a stake, a rope and a board to flatten crops in geometric designs. Others say UFOs create them.

Another theory is that unusual weather patterns cause the crops to bend.

This is the 10th documented crop circle to appear in Utah.


Crop circles perk interest of UFO enthusiasts

07/02/04 - The Daily Herald

by Todd Hollingshead

SPANISH FORK, UT - A mysterious design that appeared Sunday in a wheat field off south Main Street in Spanish Fork is being deemed as possibly nonhuman by supposed extraterrestrial experts.

Nancy Talbott, who heads a science team called BLT (Burke, Levengood and Talbott) Research out of Cambridge, Mass. , sent local volunteers to the area Tuesday to do field work on the four-circle design.

The two volunteers, identified only as Melissa C. and her daughter Hannah, were searching for microfungal anomalies in the barley; the presence of which, Talbott says, suggests some type of nonhuman interaction.

"There's a lot of sacred geometric patterns in these circles," Melissa said, noting that one of the smaller circles was nonsymmetrical, a possible indication of extraterrestrial involvement.

The two Springville residents have since completed their field work, but the results are not yet available.

Lucius Farish, an Arkansas man who has studied crop circles and other unexplainable anomalies for years, said there are many things researchers look for in newly formed crop circles.

"They look for footprints and they take samples for various phenomenon," Farish said. "Sometimes the nodes at the joints of the plants are exploded
because of microwave energy."

Farish learned about the Spanish Fork crop circle earlier this week and was immediately interested in documenting as much information as possible.

"I've been interested in UFOs for years," he said. "But I can't tell you who made crop circles, why they were made or where they'll pop up next."

Reports by locals are increasingly curious.

Gustavo Lopez, an employee of the nearby Spanish Fork Motors, said he heard a dog whining and yelping when he arrived to work at 5 a.m. Sunday.

"Other residents in the area said they heard the dog too," Talbott said. "It's common for animals to exhibit uncommon behavior in situations like these."

Deputy Staci Petro of the Utah County Sheriff's Office investigated the scene and determined $300 worth of damage was caused to landowner Paul A. Prior's crops. Prior said damages have jumped to more than $1,000 because of downtime and loss of work.

Police said they believe the suspects entered the field during the night and created the crop circles only to attract attention.

Prior suspects it wouldn't be too hard for a couple of young people to make the circle by dragging wood posts in circular patterns. "I can't say I'm 100 percent sure, but I just think it was vandals that worked it," Prior said. "If we're going to be translated, that will be fine, too."

Utah County Sheriff's Office have since decided the unusual creation is within Spanish Fork city limits and have turned it over to Spanish Fork Police.

The Spanish Fork police station said they have had numerous calls from people inquiring about the latest possible extra terrestrial phenomenon.

Todd Hollingshead can be reached at 344-2524 or thollingshead@heraldextra.com. Utah County staff writer Janis Nielsen contributed to this report.

This story appeared in The Daily Herald on page D1.


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