Argentina UFO

UFO or pterodactyl over Argentinian Lake? Photo

By Michael Cohen


09/06/09 - All News Web

A UFO of a very irregular shape has been spotted by more than one person as well as photographed in Argentina (images above and below). The UFO sighting took place in the vicinity of the village of San Rafael on the artificial lake of El-Nihuil

The witness originally did not want to be identified due to fear of ridicule however later changed his mind, seemingly realizing that 'seeing a UFO does not make you mad'.

Mr Rafael Pino, 44, a fisherman of San Rafael, often comes down to the lake to relax and watch the swans. On Saturday however, as he was approaching the shore of the lake he noticed an out of place object hovering over the lake. He grabbed his cellphone and managed to get the pictures.

'I was excited and I do believe life must exist on other planets' Mr Pino noted.

Not long after Mr Pino came forward, another local, Mr Cristian Adrian Figueroa, claimed to have seen the UFO along with his father as they passed in a bus. 'We froze (with shock)' noted Mr Figueroa.

There is another angle to this sighting however. Judging by the image below for certain, and possibly even in light of the image above, the cryptozoology crowd might stake a claim to this sighting and note that this could be a unknown creature or a still existent flying dinosaur such as a Pterodactyl. Many might argue that in this instance they might well have a case.

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