Sikeli Nadiri showing his footprints which has scorched the grass  Sikeli Nadiri showing his footprints which has scorched the grass

Villager leaves mysterious burnt footprints

By Theresa Ralogaivau


11/02/09 - Fiji Times Online

An early morning walk to his farm has left footprints which burnt portions of grass on his village lawn.

Villager Sikeli Nadiri, who lives in Daroko settlement, outside Savusavu, is baffled as he tries to figure out the cause of his mysterious brown prints.
The incident has attracted fellow villagers to his house to have a feel of his feet trying to find a clue to the mystery.
Mr Nadiri said it happened the previous week on Wednesday when he went to his farm to tend to his cows.
The ground he walked on were seen scorched the next morning leaving footprints leading from his house to the farm.
He said on Thursday, villagers were talking about the strange footprints which had turned brown.
He was told of news when villagers noticed that the scorched portions of grass had started from his house.
Mr Nadiri said he followed the footprints and told the villagers that it was his footprints but he had no idea how the withered portion came about.
Last week, police visited him on Tuesday and the ground he walked on during the interview was also affected.
The next day, Mr Nadiri said he followed the footsteps he took during the interview and noticed the same kind of footprints.
The grass had withered and turned brown in colour.
Mr Nadiri said he had two sets of footprints in two separate weeks.
He said he didn't step on any chemical before walking to his farm to check on the cows.
Mr Nadiri said if he had stepped on chemicals, his feet would have been affected.
He said there were no traditional links or history related to his mysterious footsteps.
Strange it may seem, the incident has not stirred any fear or trouble in the village as the villagers continue to live their lives as usual.

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