Book's author says it's true

Those perplexed by the paranormal can read about the history of Beloit UFOs in a new book titled “UFO Wisconsin: A Progress Report” by Wisconsin paranormal researcher Noah Voss.

The book contains more than 100 bizarre UFO sightings and stories from Wisconsin which continue to defy explanation. From the forests of the north woods to the busy streets of Milwaukee, Voss said that “UFO Wisconsin” is overflowing with cases that will leave the reader wondering.

While conducting research in Wisconsin, Voss said he found trace evidence such as high radiation readings and crop circles. Wisconsin's top UFO hot spots include Long Lake, Elmwood, Belleville, Madison and Milwaukee.

Although Beloit isn't considered a hot spot for the extraterrestrial, Voss has interviewed several people in Beloit who believe they have seen UFOs. Although Voss doesn't want to give too much of the book away, he's compiled around a dozen reports of UFO sightings in Beloit over the years.

One of the first notable Beloit sightings was back in 1897, Voss said, when a mysterious airship moved through the area between Milwaukee and Beloit.

“For two years it was spotted in a dozen states. At the time it was described as a flying cigar. Voices were heard coming from it,” Voss said.

In the 1980s, a group of people saw a UFO shooting off debris. A farmer caught a piece of the mysterious saucer. Later the farmer handed the piece over to an investigative journalist passing through the area. When the journalist was staying in a hotel in Madison, Voss said two mysterious creatures demanded he hand over the piece of UFO.

“The story sort of ends after that,” Voss said.

There is mix of other stories that have been reported. Voss doesn't know if they are true or not, but keeps track of them for research purposes.

Many of the other reported sightings of UFOs occurred north of Beloit around Milwaukee Road. Most reports detail either bluish greenish or amber flashing lights coming from disc shaped aircraft.

Here are a few of the accounts Voss has received:

i On Sept. 3, 1997, two Beloiters reported walking north through a field between Afton Road and Krueger Golf Course to meet a third friend when they saw two disc shaped aircraft. About 30 feet wide, the rotating discs were emitting reddish orange and amber lights.

i On Jan. 23, 2008, a family was leaving a basketball practice when they noticed what appeared to be search lights in the sky encircling Beloit in a 20 mile radius. After the first lights disappeared, they saw two new lights coming from the west going southeast and glowing from blue to green. The bluish lights stopped, blinked for about two minutes and then finally disappeared.

i On Nov. 22, 2000 a man was driving north on Interstate-90 and had just passed Beloit when he suddenly saw a blue light on the dashboard of his car and noticed a large silver colored, circular aircraft hovering not far from above the trees. The aircraft was about 10 to 20 yards higher than the trees.

i On Aug. 17, 2004, someone reported seeing an aircraft with a bright blue flashing light. As it passed over a home, the light changed into a semi circle of colored lights.

i On March 28, 2001, two friends reported a a yellow fireball soaring through the sky and changing colors from orange to bright red as they drove westbound on Interstate 43 into Beloit.

Voss, of Sun Prairie, Wis., has always had a keen interest in ghosts, UFOs, Big Foot and other unexplained phenomenon. He has worked with dozens of paranormal groups around the world and formed the Paranormal Investigating Researchers Organization in the late 1990s.

He has contributed information and ghost hunting equipment to shows such as Ghosthunters and UFO Hunters. For more information visit or