A Haunting

"Legend Trippers"

Discovery Channel


Channel:  Discovery Channel

Episode:  39

Program Description:  When three Wisconsin teenagers learn of a local legend about a nearby cemetery, they decide to see for themselves if the stories are true. 


According to local legend, anyone sitting atop the mausoleum in Green Lake, Wisconsin's oldest cemetery will be shoved off the roof by a ghost. High school friends Nick, Jon, and Krystian decide to test it out one Halloween night. Searching for the mausoleum, each of the three feels they are being watched by something hiding in the overgrowth. They boys become more frightened as the night progresses, convinced that something evil resides among the graves and tombstones and that these spirits are seeking revenge.

The legend trip is a rite of passage for the young and curious, a venture into the unknown. Those who dare, watch the legend awaken and find the adventure changes them forever.

Legend has it that a "ghost" will push anyone who dares to sit atop the mausoleum in Green Lake, Wisconsin's oldest cemetery. High school classmates Nick, Krystian, and Jon test this theory on Halloween night. Refusing to believe in anything supernatural, they search the vast graveyard for the old mausoleum. Isolated from one another in the darkness, they each sense a presence watching from the overgrown brush.

As their doubts turn to fears, the boys quickly learn what dark secrets hide amid the old gravestones. Fearing for their lives, they try to escape-before the darkness envelops them and the otherworldly spirits seek revenge.

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