A local graveyard is rumored to be home to apparitions -- and other paranormal activities. But neighbors say the unexplained is behind an increase in traffic and other aggravations.

"It's not like the talk of the town... cemetery on Eagle Road is haunted, not at all," Mary Dornfeld says.

Yet, this small cemetery on a little known road in the Town of Clyman is all over cyberspace.

"Every night, without a doubt, every night," she says.

Long-time neighbor Mary Dornfeld says every night people visit these plots in search of the paranormal.

"It's not haunted... "

But the graveyard is mentioned in a book, featuring Wisconsin haunts. The authors say visitors report apparitions in the woods... cool spots on warm days and unexplainable blood on their hands.

"There's nothing going on except people that want to rest in peace... like to keep it that way," Dornfeld says.

Sheriff Todd Nehls is ready to help restore the peace.

"We now are very firm. There are no warnings. If you're in that cemetery and you don't have a need to be there, it's gonna cost you some money," Sheriff Todd Nehls says.

... 250-dollars after dark ...

But deputies plan to keep an eye on the rural stretch at all hours.

"We're going to do what we can so hopefully the next blog entry is stay away from Eagle Road because the sheriff's department is gonna get you," the sheriff says.

Increased traffic is one frustration. Another -- vandalism. The Town of Clyman already has spent more than 2-thousand dollars making repairs.

"Gravestones were knocked over... split in half and these are 1800's. You can't replace that, you can't repair that," Nehls says.

But, the sheriff also says, what happens here affects all of Dodge County.

"There are people that need help. There are people who need an ambulance... deputy... If I have to sit and baby sit that cemetery, that deputy is ineffective for his shift throughout the county," the sheriff says.

Dornfeld heads down the road every week to mow the graveyard. She says anyone who travels from far, hoping to find a ghost, is likely to find only disappointment.

"And, with the price of gas, don't make the trip," Dornfeld says.

The town chair says the board has discussed raising the fine from $250 for entering after dark to a thousand dollars. The board's expected to take up the issue again next month.