Alumnus' book proves Wisconsin a scary place

04/05/07 - Stoutonia

University of Wisconsin-Stout grad Chad Lewis visited Menomonie on March 19 to talk about his book, “The Wisconsin Road Guide To Haunted Locations.”

The free, hour-long presentation sponsored by Menomonie’s Bookends bookstore, drew around a dozen interested people and featured pictures and accounts of haunted places in Wisconsin, including Menomonie’s Own, Devil’s Punchbowl, JTC Hall and the Mabel Tainter Theater.

The Wisconsin Road Guide To Haunted Locations is one out of five books he coauthored with Terry Fisk which feature different haunted locations in states including Iowa, Illinois, South Dakota and Minnesota. The books contain pictures, case history, eyewitness accounts, ghost lore and directions to the location.

Lewis received both a bachelors and a masters degree from UW-Stout, including his Master of Science in applied psychology. Lewis’ initial undergraduate study was on UFOs, and gradually his interest turned to other paranormal events.

He now has over 14 years experience in investigating paranormal activities and is a paranormal investigator for Unexplained Research, LLC based out of Eau Claire, Wis. He also is a research specialist for Mutual UFO Network and also works with BLT Crop Circle Investigations. Lewis is the host on The Unexplained television and radio show on the Eau Claire Public Access channel. Over the years Lewis has been to many places investigating paranormal activity, including trips to famous spots like Transylvania, Area 51, Loch Ness, Deadwood and New Orleans. He has tracked the Chupacabras in Puerto Rico and Bigfoot in Canada. Although Lewis has been to hundreds of locations over the years, he has yet to experience the paranormal event each location is famous for.

“The Wisconsin Road Guide To Haunted Locations” is an excellent resource to make any college student’s road trip complete. In fact, there are many places close enough in the area to visit on just a day trip. The book can be purchased at Bookends bookstore or online at www.unexplainedresearch.com.

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