Author Digs Up Weird Wisconsin News


Posted by Paul Knoff, News Director

06/15/07 - Central Wisconsin Broadcasting - News

There was a lot of weird stuff happening in Wisconsin between 1860 and 1910 and some of it has now been captured in a book.

Author Chad Lewis got the idea for Hidden Headlines of Wisconsin while researching a past book on haunted locations around the state.

"I happened across a few really bizarre articles. I printed them off for my own entertainment only. I started running across more and more of these articles," Lewis recalls.

With chapters like Bizarre Deaths, Mysterious Creatures and Peculiar People, there are around 300 stories Lewis gleaned from microfilm at libraries around the state.

"This is really just the tip of the iceberg. People could look through their own hometown newspapers and find more stories," Lewis encourages.

The weirdest? Possibly the article that turned up documenting a Madison woman's homemade shoes.

"The only weird part was the fact they shoes were made out of human skin," Lewis jokes. "She even reported she had leftover skin she might make a purse out of."

Locally, Marshfield makes the book. The story appeared in the Marshfield Times and Gazette has a headline of "Bright Light".

"It was discovered in the morning at 3 a.m. This one comes from 1885. It makes you wonder, what exactly they were witnessing."

Another unique feature of the book is the writing style of the journalists of yesteryear, which at least in the hometown newspapers of the day seemed a little more "casual" than today.

You can pick up Hidden Headlines at fine bookstores all over the state and we also have some signed copies here at Pavilion Cheese and Gifts.

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