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By Debbie Griffin


05/15/08 - The River Falls Journal


The cover of Noah Voss’ new book gives readers an idea that they’ll be reading more about UFO sightings all over Wisconsin, including several in River Falls. Submitted image

UFO Wisconsin” author Noah Voss said the book he wrote, released last month, follows recent and ancient history of Wisconsin’s UFO sightings.

He said the work divides stories by the area or “hot spots” in which they took place, working from oldest to most recent stories.

“I was approached by a publisher who wanted me to write the book,” Voss, a Sun Prairie resident, said.

He’s considered an expert and has been a “ufologist” for more than a decade. Voss has traveled all over the country to investigate sightings and built a comprehensive Web site, www.ufowisconsin.com, complete with history, reports, photos, videos and other information about the mysterious unidentified flying objects.

He often does presentations and lectures on the phenomenon plus has talked about it on the radio. Voss’ Web site says its multi-purpose mission is to “further awareness of the UFO phenomenon and track the UFOs in our state’s skies.”

“Usually there is a ‘wow’ factor when I do presentations,” he said.

River Falls sightings

Several entries in the book originate from people in River Falls.

10 p.m. March 8, 2006

“I was driving north on Highway 65 after class at about 10 p.m. in March… I observed a bright object to the south, north of County Road SS and where Hwy. 65 meet. …I lost radio reception…I sped to over 100 mph and it stayed with me. It got closer to the point that the light was completely covering my passenger side of my car and my wind shield. I slammed on my brakes and came to a complete stop and it also stopped. It hovered for maybe 10 seconds before it shot into the sky and disappeared…”

9:45 p.m. Sept. 14, 2006

“I was attending a campus event (outdoors) with about 500 people…when an object in the sky caught my eye. It was perhaps 200-300 feet in the air traveling from east to west (towards Minneapolis). It was definitely three-dimensional, with a dark body and lines of neonish blue interspersed all down its underside…It was traveling incredibly fast, and left a short tail in its wake. It had no sound or smell…I saw many people look around in confusion…”

8 p.m. Sept. 26, 2005

“I was driving home from Hudson when I spotted the first one. It was a very bright light, larger than any star and seemed to be falling fairly fast…There were as many as six flying in large circles…as they got further away they looked to have one red light and one green light, and very fast flashing white lights that ran along the length…”

11:30 p.m. June 16, 2003

“…I ran outside and saw a light move quickly from north to south running parallel with the Big Dipper’s handle. After about 20 seconds it disappeared, in that time span it had moved nearly the length of the visible sky…What I thought first was a meteor shower was certainly not that! Neither was it commercial aircraft…I can get three others to confirm this …”

Ancient history

Voss said the book includes a segment thousands of years in Long Lake (near the Canadian border) where native Americans communicated UFO stories through “oral traditions.”

“They spoke for generations of a star man who fell from the sky and said he didn’t belong here,” Voss said. “And the story goes on from there.”

His equipment gauges electromagnetic fields, radiation, temperature, humidity levels, barometric pressure, solar flare status, toxins in the water and more. He might use night vision or thermal imaging equipment to help — whatever might help the investigators figure out more about what’s not known.

He said often he feels like a therapist because people seem to want to tell someone their story.

Voss said ufology applies a combination of many sciences: Engineering, physics, geophysics, astrophysics, and pretty much any other field that has monitoring equipment. For all Voss has learned and researched, he doesn’t claim to have all the answers.

“At the end of the day,” he said about ufology, “it’s a head scratcher.”

He encourages anyone with an experience to share to go to www.ufowisconsin.com and document it.

Voss said people can buy his book on the Web site, at most “brick-and-mortar book stores,” or from www.amazon.com.

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