Book Uncovers 'Hidden Headlines' in Oswego


By Steve Yablonski


12/17/07 - Oswego County Today

OSWEGO, NY - There are some who will tell you that Oswego has been “bizarre” just recently.  However, Chad Lewis has discovered that the Port City has been home to the bizarre and unexplained for hundreds of years.


Lewis is a paranormal researcher out of Eau Claire Wisconsin.


“I mainly research stories of the weird and bizarre,” he said.


Some of his research, by accident, resulted in his latest book: “Hidden Headlines of New York.” It is a collection of strange, unusual and bizarre newspaper stories between 1860 and 1910.


Lewis is a paranormal researcher and author for Unexplained Research. He holds a Master’s of Science degree in Applied Psychology from the University of Wisconsin-Stout.


“I started digging in old newspapers looking for articles for another book when I started to find these bizarre stories,” he told Oswego Daily News. “I really just printed them out for my own amusement, but when I started finding dozens of these I began to actively seek them out.”


While doing a Hidden Headlines (Wisconsin) book, he said he was amazed at how many stories came out of New York State.


“They say New Yorkers have seen and heard everything, and that may indeed be true,” he writes in the introduction of his book. “But I guarantee you that unless a person is 160 years old, they have not seen these bizarre stories.”


Lewis has trekked across the world in search of the paranormal.


From tracking vampires in Transylvania and chasing the Chupacabras in Puerto Rico, to searching for the elusive monster in Loch Ness and pursuing ghosts in Ireland’s castles, he brings more than 13 years’ of research experience to his presentations.

“After I finished the Wisconsin book, I began searching the New York papers and found an amazing amount of bizarre stories. The book contains over 200 bizarre newspaper stories from New York that have not been seen in over 100 years. These unbelievable stories were not lost, they were simply hidden,” he said.


For Lewis, the book provides a time portal back to the early days of the state.


“Filled with strange deaths, ghosts, sea serpents, peculiar people, medical anomalies, psychic phenomena, UFOs and other oddities, this book certainly changed the way I viewed the good ole days,” he said.


Lewis has been featured in hundreds of radio interviews, TV appearances, and newspaper articles. He is the author of the Hidden Headlines series and co-author of the Road Guide to Haunted Locations book series.


“Hidden Headlines of New York” has just been released and should be available at any local bookseller or online at Amazon or at www.unexplainedresearch.com


A couple ‘hidden’ headlines:


Ghost Hurls Missiles

Oswego Custom House janitor talks of giving up his fat job.


Oswego -The Democratic employees in the Custom House are greatly pleased that the civil service rules will retain them in office for an indefinite period, and that Collector Cooper will have to find good cause for their removal.


There are several snug berths included in this list, some of which are of great importance, and carry good-sized salaries, which the Republicans would like to secure. The positions which are guarded include the janitors of the building, and already there is a contest on as to who shall have these berths, as there are rumors current that the present incumbents will be removed for cause.


But there is one janitor, “Charley” Smith, who says that he will not avail himself of the protection that he law gives him, as he thinks that his life is in danger. He firmly believes that the building is haunted and that some one is trying to do him bodily injury.


“Charley” claims tat he has seen the ghost and mo amount of arguing on the part of his friends will convince him otherwise, at least not until they get a hold of the ghost and give him a thrashing.


The ghost frequents the upper story, and roams about the court room, where the civil service examinations are held.


Smith says concerning his experience, “Why I saw one face to face, by jiminy gracious, and there is no doubt about it. This ghost threw twelve blocks of wood at me, and it has also hurled gas pipes and all sorts of other things. I am afraid of my life to go up there. You ask ‘Doc’ Mackin. He will tell you that it is no fake. Other fellows in the building will also tell you the same thing, and if the ghost doesn’t quit bothering me I may give up the job.”

Syracuse Sunday Herald 1-30-1898


Has Three Legs

Monstrosity in the shape of a boy at Oswego.

Oswego - What is considered one of the greatest freaks of nature was born in this city one week ago in the shape of a boy baby with three legs and but one arm.


Medical men who have examined the monstrosity say it is certainly a wonderfully marked child, and is the only one of its kind ever born.


The parent who live in West Seneca street, are very sensitive over the child’s misfortune and tried their best to prevent the fact being given to the public, but neighbors who visited the house talked the strange infant over, and it became noised about in that way.


The child is in the best of health and doing nicely, and unless something unforeseen happens, will live. But the mother is in a critical condition.

Syracuse Sunday Herald 3-19-1899

Debbie says:

wow! ANOTHER book for local historicans to treasure! Super! Can’t have enough books with Oswego in ‘em!

Rose C. says:

I love learning about the history of Oswego!

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