Chad Lewis '99 has searched for vampires and werewolves in Transylvania.  He has chased El Chupacabra through the jungles of Puerto Rico and Costa Rica.  And he has tracked Bigfoot in Canada.

Such is the life of an author and paranormal investigator.

Lewis began researching the paranormal before and during his college days.  He has discovered that "the world is a much more bizarre place than most people believe."

From his research, Lewis writes about haunted locations, strange creatures and even stranger history.

While conducting research using old newspaper articles, Lewis stumbled across an article that struck him as odd.  He began to find more bizarre articles.  He thought to himself, "If I am finding so many strange reports by accident, how many can I find if I actively seek them out?"

Lewis began searching for the most bizarre stories he could find in newspapers dating from 1870 through 1910, and a series of "Hidden Headlines" books was born.