Cemetery’s scary reputation leads to stepped-up patrols

By Sharon Roznik

05/18/08 - The Fond du Lac Reporter

TOWN OF CLYMAN — The Dodge County Sheriff’s Department has stepped up patrol around Eagle Road Cemetery in the town of Clyman after a resident reported seeing “a lot of paranormal activity,” especially at night.

Officers have been told to check the graveyard during all shifts, according to a Dodge County Sheriff’s Department log.

Town of Clyman Chairman Dave Blank said he has lived in the area all his life and has never seen a ghost or haunting images, although he admits he has never been to the cemetery at night.

The real problem isn’t scary, he said, but a constant annoyance. Vandalism problems have been ongoing because of the cemetery’s “scary” reputation.

The problem is so bad, Blank said, that the town board is thinking of raising the loitering fine from $200 to $1,000.

“We wrote an ordinance banning any activity going on there at night or people being out there,” he said. “The worst was when someone did about $2,000 worth of damage to some gravestones,”

Sheriff’s Lt. Trace Frost said patrols will be on the lookout for troublemakers who are drawn to the cemetery’s reputation.

The resident who reported the paranormal activity lives just down the road but declined to comment when contacted by The Reporter, stating that whenever publicity gets out about Eagle Road Cemetery, more destruction occurs.

The graveyard dates backs to the 1800s and has a reputation for being the site of phenomena including apparitions in the graveyard at night, cold spots and breezes — even on warm summer nights — and epiphanies of the Virgin Mary, according to author Chad Lewis, who writes about haunted sites in Wisconsin.

Lewis, a paranormal investigator and author of the series “The Road Guide to Haunted Locations,” writes that people have returned from the cemetery with blood on their hands and arms.

The original name of the cemetery is said to be Evangelical Church Cemetery or Tabor Cemetery.

At one time there was an Evangelical Church at the location, and the cemetery belonged to that congregation. The denomination, founded by Jacob Albright in 1807, is not Catholic, so reports of epiphanies of the Virgin Mary and possible stigmata seem out of place

Blank said the last time someone was actually buried at Eagle Road Cemetery was in the early 1980s.

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