Paranormal Investigator, Chad Lewis has traveled the world in search of unexplained happenings. He has even been to "Gravity Hill" near Shullsburg, Wis. to check out why things appear to go mysteriously uphill under their own power.

Mr. Chad Lewis presented a program on Wednesday, Sept. 10, at the East Dubuque Public Library. Mr. Lewis is famous for his investigations into the world of the unexplained. Librarian director, Michelle Wessels, attended his program when it was held at the Dyersville Library earlier in the year. She thought it would be of interest in this area and she was right. Sixty-five people attended the evening of paranormal study. A group even came from Dixon because they had seen the Library sign advertising it on their way to Dubuque on a different day.

Mr. Lewis had a slide show of different places where ghosts are said to be roaming. Mt. Carmel Cemetery in Dubuque is reported to have ghosts besides being where famous gangster Al Capone is buried. Galena is well known for its ghosts also. The Galena Historical Museum and Turner Hall are just a couple mentioned. Footsteps are often heard, but no one is there, lights going off and on with no one else in the building etc. In fact, at the Museum, the staff has kept a journal of unexplainable events. It's almost a regular occurrence there, so the staff just writes it down and shrugs it off. Mr. Lewis appreciates the work of former Museum Director, Daryl Watson and his writing "Ghosts of Galena."

Galena has been great for sighting ghosts as well as Dubuque. Even East Dubuque has its own unexplained happenings. Could be rumor, gossip, or hearsay, but there are many serious ghost hunters out there. One such area club is the Mississippi Valley Paranormal Society.

Mr. Lewis and Mr. Fisk have written "Road Guides to Haunted Locations" for Wisconsin, Minnesota, South Dakota and Iowa. They check out UFO's and Crop Circles, Bigfoot sightings, and Transylvania trying to explain the interesting phenomenon. These books were available the night of the program as well as vampire kits. The kits ran from $20 to $50 and one was sold that night. Mr. Lewis took time to answer questions from the audience, look at pictures people had brought of unexplained shadows and listen to electronic voice phenomenon. He answered questions with patience and listened to all who had questions. He has never experienced seeing anything himself, but he does the exploring and studying of it and presents the information he finds at programs like the one at the East Dubuque Library.

Mr. Lewis is from Eau Claire, Wis. His wife is his greatest skeptic. His mom and brother have gone on hunts with him. He is the host of a television show called "The Unexplained" and a radio show by the same name. Mr. Lewis has been studying the paranormal for 14 years. He has a Master's Degree in Applied Psychology from the University of Wisconsin-Stout. He considers himself an agnostic. His partner in hunting is Terry Fisk who is a Shamanic Buddhist. Mr. Fisk studied philosophy and religion at the University of Wisconsin and he is an authority on death and the afterlife.

The East Dubuque Library has his "Road Guide" books on Illinois, Iowa and Wisconsin. Mr. Lewis's web site is