Chad Lewis Interview


08/05/06 - Library Think Quest

Chad Lewis is a famous ghost hunter from Wisconsin. 
He has had thousands of reports from all over Wisconsin. 
To learn more about the occupation of ghost hunting 
we e-mailed Mr. Lewis and asked the 
following questions about his job:

Did you ever have a paranormal sighting before you became a 
ghost hunter?
I never had a personal experience.  However, when I was about 8 years old my 
brother and cousin saw a strange man with a weird rash around his neck in the 
basement of our house.  Once we moved out of the house, our mother told us that 
the previous owner had hanged himself inside the house. 
How did you know you wanted to do this?
I did not always know that I wanted to do paranormal research.  I started with an 
interest in UFOs and aliens and I slowly got more involved with ghosts, Bigfoot, 
crop circles, etc…   Many people get into the field only as a hobby.  
What education did you have that helps you the most in being a 
ghost hunter? 
I can not stress enough how important educations is to becoming a paranormal 
investigator. You need good writing and reading skills to complete your reports.  
You  also need a good background in math and the sciences to deal with a lot of the 
equipment used in paranormal research.  You also need critical thinking skills when 
dealing with the paranormal.  I also recommend that those interested in the paranormal 
read as much about the topic as they can.  
My background education is in Psychology.  I attended the University of 
Wisconsin –Stout and received my degrees in Psychology.  
How many ghost sightings have you investigated in Wisconsin?
In Wisconsin alone my research partner and I have investigated over 400 cases.  
Many of these cases seemed to be centered on urban legend or folklore which is one 
of the reasons we wanted to write the book.  It should be noted that also have hundreds
 and hundreds of Wisconsin cases that we have not been able to investigate yet. 
Is there a certain area of Wisconsin that seems to have more 
This is a hard question because I think every area has ghost stories, it is just a matter 
of  digging them up and finding them.  I really do not know if one part of the state is more 
haunted than another because we have so many stories from every corner of the state. 
Do you ever get scared when checking out a ghost story?
Often times I do get an eerie feeling while at some of the places 
that we investigate.  
However, your mind and body tend to become accustom to it and you do not really get 
Do other people work with you in investigating?
I am always bringing new people along on an investigation.  Often times a new person 
will bring new ideas.  
What equipment do you use?
I use a lot of the standard ghost research equipment such as  night vision cameras, 
electromagnetic field meters, infrared thermometers, 
motion detectors, digital cameras,
 audio recorders, and 35mm cameras.  However, there is no piece of equipment that will
 replace curiosity and common sense.  Most people can get by with a camera and 
There was a ghost experience in Horicon that was in the news 20 
years ago. It is known as the Larabee Street ghost or the Tallman 
ghost. Are you familiar at all with this event?
I do not believe the house is still there. I think it burned down.  The story did make to
 Unsolved Mysteries.  The story is that the Tallman family experienced some poltergeist 
activity that seemed to be centered around some bunk beds.   The family had two children
 and the wife was pregnant with another child at the time.  A lot of weird things were said
 to have happened at the house including mysterious fires, and strange noises. 
We are interested in the idea of ghost story hoaxes. Have you had 
any experiences that you felt were just people trying to get famous 
or get attention by making up a story?
I have not had any cases where I thought the person or people were trying to hoax me. 
 I have had several cases where the people wanted to believe that they had a ghost so bad 
that they mistook every little thing for a ghost when the real explanation had nothing to do
 with ghosts.  

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