Deadwood 'most haunted' town, says author of the paranormal


10/16/06 - Argus Leader

The South Dakota town with the greatest history of hauntings is Deadwood, a Wisconsin paranormal investigator and author says.

"Probably because of the history of violence and all the deaths that occurred there," said Terry Fisk, who was in Sioux Falls on Sunday to promote the book he co-wrote with Chad Lewis.

The book, "The South Dakota Road Guide to Haunted Locations," lists various places, most open to the public, that are allegedly haunted.

"We took photographs, we got directions, we checked out the history of the place, we interviewed people that had had experiences there," Fisk said.

While a bed and breakfast in Madison that has been the site of strange occurrences is listed, Brenda Grogan told Fisk she knew of at least two others, and she posed a question to him: If a building such as the old Masonic Temple in Madison is torn down, where will the ghost go?

"Some are attached to the building itself," Fisk replied.

But he knows of at least one case where a haunted boarding house was torn down, and the steakhouse built on the site subsequently was haunted. It, too, was torn down, but the gas station erected on the same site experienced mysterious happenings.

Fisk, who also investigates UFO sightings, Big Foot appearances and crop circles, has always been interested in the paranormal.

But it was an event several years ago that piqued his interest and led to a full-time pursuit of the paranormal and writing career.

He and his brother visited the cemetery where their great-great-grandparents are buried. When the picture of Fisk standing next to their grave was developed, "there was like a bluish-white mist that appeared to be coming out of the grave and surrounding me."

But at the time the picture was taken, there was no mist or fog in the air, Fisk said.

Shortly afterward, Fisk attended one of Lewis' conferences in Eau Claire, Wis., about the unexplained. They eventually teamed up.

Several years later, Fisk took his fiancée to the same grave site. She said to his great-great-grandmother, "Eliza, if you're here give us a sign."

When Fisk tried to take his fiancée's picture at the grave, the batteries, newly inserted in the camera, were dead. Another set of new batteries also failed to work. Later, the camera worked fine.

"(It's) quite a common occurrence with paranormal investigations, that the batteries will just suddenly be drained," Fisk said.

Hollie Helseth of Sioux Falls came to hear Fisk speak and to buy a book for her son, inscribed "Happy Halloween."

"My son is interested in this," she said.

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