Frightful Places in Western Wisconsin

Katie Heinz


10/31/06 - WEAU

Still looking for a good scare this Halloween?

Some experts say Western Wisconsin is full of haunted places.

Employees, neighbors and unsuspecting folks passing through have reported everything from seeing ghosts to hearing strange noises.

Banbury Place is one of them.

People who have worked here report seeing a ghost.

We talked to two paranormal investigators about this.

Here's what they had to say.

"There's a few places that have ongoing strange things happening that have become legends throughout the state," said Paranormal Investigator Kevin Nelson.

Places like Caryville.

"People from all over the Midwest come to this town because it's believed so many things take place in such a small area," Lewis said. "You have a haunted school house, a haunted church and a haunted bridge, and of course a haunted cemetary."

Legend has it that firefighters in Eau Claire's Fire Station Number 10 are not alone.

"Many of the firemen and firewomen believe a former firefighter by the name of alex is haunting the place," Lewis said. "And many of them have heard pots and pans fly off the wall and fall at their feet."

And at The Stone's Throw in Eau Claire, employees report feeling a presence, and hearing their name called when no one's there.

"We did have one employee in a downstairs bathroom and while he was down there he looked and the toilet paper roll was spinning at his feet," said Todd Pernsteiner, business partner for The Stone's Throw.

But a word of advice to the brave souls who might check out these places:

"It's much different going to these places than it is watching them on television," Lewis said. "You go to these places and you see that shadow in the cemetary, you can't change the channel."

It's up to you to decide whether you believe in the paranormal.

But Lewis offers good advice if you decide to check out some of these places yourselves.

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