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11/24/07 - Booming Prairie Chicken

The South Dakota Road Guide to Haunted Locations

   Now this book has to be the ultimate example of 'ghost tourism'. The fact of the matter is the book has a lot of excellent information in it for us. It has already expanded the information we have on two locations we are interested in and has added a new one to our immediate travel plans. Now the authors also have similar books out on Minnesota and Wisconsin (we purchased those too) and a supporting website. It is always a plus in my mind when the authors have a website for communication. 

   They list 52 different sites throughout South Dakota; they have four sites specifically in Deadwood and ten other sites in the Black Hills. Now some of these sites, such as the coal mines in Firesteel, they have effectively debunked. Some sites they are definitely adding to the knowledge base for that site. They have a considerable section on the Bullock Hotel and have given us a lot more information on the Green Door brothel. 

   Now everybody who does any investigation of this phenomena are subject to limitations particular to the circumstances they operate under. In the case of a group like TAPS they have better scientific resources in terms of people and equipment but are limited by the amount of time they have to do onsite work. In the case of the fellows who did this book I get the feeling their goal was to list the sites and not do any type of indepth investigation. This is not a criticsim of the book! The reality of the matter is that the sheer number of locations they are reporting would impose limits on any such effort. The fact that they are writing these books can be seen as furthering this topic by finding locations that other might do the research. 

   Now the book does provide Laurie and me with a location that just seems to beg for our attention:

This is a frontier army post dating from the time of the plains indian wars. It did not take a lot of online research to start digging up additional accounts of strange occurrence's at the fort. The fact is that I found at least a half dozen sites with fairly recent accounts of activity there. The fort also has the additional benefit of a good historical information base. One problem I see in some of this is the lack of reliable information on different locations. It just seems to me that the more information you have on the original occupants or participants the better you can research the phenomena. It sometimes baffles us that the various groups and people investigating this don't do more historical research to find out why the alleged entities might be haunting a location? 

   Well, I really do have to recommend this book. I also have a feeling you will see me referring to it in the future. It is definitely a fun little book to read! 

'The South Dakota Road Guide to Haunted Locations', Chad Lewis & Terry Fisk, 2006, Unexplained Research Publishing Company, ISBN: 13: 978-0-9762099-3-5 or ISBN: 10: 0-9762099-3-4

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