The Louis Marchetti House at 111 Grant St. in Wausau supposedly was haunted at one time. Butch McCartney/Wausau Daily Herald

Ghost hunter hears many audience members' stories

By Janet Craigmiles

10/30/07 - Wausau Daily Herald

Audience members who attended a presentation Monday in Wausau by a
professional paranormal researcher were eager to share ghost stories of
their own.

Louise Maher, 80, of Wausau was among several dozen people who came to
see ghost hunter Chad Lewis of Eau Claire at the Marathon County Public
Library. Maher said a friend saw the ghost of a young girl in a Ringle
apartment building and claimed the spirit would help her find toys when
she was a child.

Two other ghosts in the building were not so friendly, and Maher asked
Lewis how one place could have two different types of spirits.

"The simple answer is, I don't know," Lewis responded.

Sturgeon Bluff Apartments, at 1320 Grand Ave., reportedly has haunted
rooms, said a resident named Anne, who did not want her last name or age
used for this story.

"In certain apartments, there have been a number of deaths shortly after
someone moves in, or people move in but move out or change apartments
quickly," Anne said.

Another friend told Anne of weird noises and lights turning on and off
when she lived at the Louis Marchetti House, now at 111 Grant St.

A woman and her son think their house on South Third Avenue is haunted
by children.

"We live in the hollow by the lake, and about five years ago, I heard
children playing in the basement, and I thought it was my son and his
friends," said Kathy, 52, who did not want her last name used.

After approaching to offer the kids a snack, she found the basement door
locked and the voices stopped. Ever since, she and her son Matthew, 18,
have found Lego blocks on their stairs and rubber balls scattered
throughout the house.

Lewis said despite 14 years of paranormal research, he has never seen a

"It's certainly not for a lack of trying," he said.

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