Go on the road to find state's ghostly haunts

By Amy Kimmes
10/13/05 -  Wausau Daily Herald

If you want to take your search for ghosts and gore beyond the Wausau region, you always can pick up the book "Wisconsin Road Guide to Haunted Locations."

Authors Chad Lewis and Terry Fisk published this book to give people the chance to read about haunted places across the state, as well as prompt them to hit the road and explore the legends and folklore for themselves.

"We found that people love a good ghost story. Now whether they believe is a different thing," Lewis, 31, of Eau Claire said.

Lewis says this haunted guide, which came out on Halloween 2004, covers everything from the wandering highway ghosts of the Northwoods to haunted bed and breakfast inns in Milwaukee and from phantom creatures prowling forests to graveyard apparitions in your own backyard. It includes photos, case histories, eyewitness accounts, ghost lore and directions.

Examples in the book include Molly's Rock in Rhinelander, where a ghost named Molly supposedly haunts a rock on Pine Lake Road. The story goes that if you sat atop the rock, someone would tell you to get off and shove you off, said Lewis, a 10-year paranormal investigator who makes his living as a grant writer for a nonprofit organization.

"We did it and nothing happened," Lewis said.

Since then, the rock was blown up into tiny pieces, but you're still supposed to see a ghost there. And, they say, if you take a piece of that rock, you'll be cursed.

In Tomahawk, people have reported hearing whispering, crying babies and things growling at The Calvary Cemetery, Lewis said. Others have reported smelling rotting flesh and seeing orbs of light and dark figures lurking by the gravestones.

The book also includes a haunted campground in Rib Lake, where people can spend the evening with spirits, Lewis said. A young boy who is buried in the cemetery next to the campground is said to haunt the campground.

"We spent two nights camping there, but never saw anything but dozens of cars driving in at night trying to catch a glimpse of the ghost," Lewis said.

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