'Haunted Locations' authors hope to hear more about Wausau Club's ghost  

By Tracey Ludvik

12/08/06 - Wausau Daily Herald

Authors Chad Lewis and Terry Fisk will have a new local ghost story to share during their book signing at Waldenbooks on Saturday.


Lewis, co-author of "Wisconsin Road Guide to Haunted Locations," said he had heard the Wausau Club building, 309 McClellan St., is haunted, but this week he heard a specific, first-hand account of the haunting from a man who has done work rehabilitating the building's interior in recent years.


"He heard noises that sounded like people doing work upstairs, but found no one there when he looked," Lewis said. "The ghost is sometimes seen as an apparition on the staircase where she is supposed to have died."


Lewis said the ghost is also blamed for agitating light fixtures and turning on lights.


Mike Morrissey, director of the city's Economic Development Department, said he too has heard stories of the apparition at the club, which closed its doors in 2004 citing declining membership and financial difficulties. The Community Development Authority purchased the building and property in August 2005.


"I didn't start hearing about the ghost story until after the city of Wausau acquired the building," Morrissey said.


A booklet written on the history of the club, titled "great times: the story of the Wausau Club," states that club staff members had numerous accounts of the ghost they nicknamed Martha. Stories include the elevator operating on its own, swaying chandeliers and lights being turned on after the staff had locked up for the night.


"I hope to hear more of these stories at the book signing," Lewis said.


An assistant manager at Waldenbooks said the authors' book has been a good seller. The book signing will be from noon to 3 p.m. Saturday at Waldenbooks in the Wausau Center mall.

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