Haunted Menomonie

By Chelsea Rickert

10/18/07 - Stoutonia

Chad Lewis, a graduate student of the University of Wisconsin-Stout’s abnormal psychology program, will be returning to the area for an upcoming conference of spooky persuasion. Lewis will be one of five speakers at the 12th annual Unexplained Conference, which will be held at the Plaza Hotel in Eau Claire, Wis. Saturday, Oct. 27.

Lewis chases ghosts for a living, and has come upon a list of specters in his travels. Over the years he has been to many places investigating paranormal activity, including trips to famous spots like Transylvania, Area 51, Loch Ness, Deadwood and New Orleans. He has tracked the menacing Chupacabre in Puerto Rico and elusive Bigfoot in Canada.

At the conference, he will be sharing spook stories of some of the best haunted places to visit in the Menomonie area.  These places are open to the public and might provide a fun rendezvous for the Halloween season. 

People can learn about these special locations at the Unexplained Conference or find them in “The Wisconsin Road Guide To Haunted Locations,” which is one out of five books Lewis coauthored with Terry Fisk. The “Road Guide” features different haunted locations in the state, some of which are right here in Menomonie.

For more information about UW-Stout’s ghost hunter alumnus, or to find out more about the Unexplained Conference, visit www.unexplainedresearch.com.

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