Haunted Places Of South Dakota
Don Jorgensen


10/12/06 - KELOLAND TV

There are places in South Dakota that many people believe are truly haunted. And they are chronicled in a new book. 

The South Dakota Road Guide to Haunted Locations. The authors are from Wisconsin, but what they know about South Dakota and its ghostly past will scare you. 

From burial grounds to abandoned buildings, the book tells of eerie legends and eyewitness accounts of people's ghost stories from all corners of the state. 

"It's a true road guide to South Dakota," said Shelie Farrand, Community Relations Manager at Barnes & Noble.
Whether you believe in the supernatural, the book has been a top seller every week since the first of June. 

"I think it's the fascination with the supernatural and paranormal activities that the authors are claiming to have experienced or taken stories from those who have experienced those," said Farrand. 

One of the authors is a self proclaimed paranormal investigator. He says South Dakota is filled with ghost stories. 

"The first thing I had to do is check out Sioux Falls' locations that are supposedly haunted that was interesting to me," said Farrand. 

Farrand says the book is also very popular with book clubs, they'll buy it, take a trip and try and explain the abnormal, but some of the stories are unexplainable. 

Like the Orpheum Theater, said to be haunted by a ghost known as Larry. There are many theories as to how Larry came into being. But one of the more interesting ones suggests Larry was an actor distraught over not getting the part of Romeo and shot himself. His body was never found. 

Then there's the Pioneer Memorial that sits up along North Drive. During the Sioux uprising of 1862, Judge Amidon and his teenage son were killed by Indians and buried at this overlook. Their ghosts are said to keep a vigilant watch over the city.

The book costs 14 dollars. Its authors, Chad Lewis and Terry Fisk, will be in Sioux Falls this Sunday for a book signing at Barnes & Noble. This is their third book. They also wrote books about ghost stories from Minnesota and Wisconsin.

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