Keep Out: Spooky Stories Attract Teens to Church

10/30/05 - WQOW 18

Ghost stories surrounding a church and school in Caryville are giving the place too much attention.

One town in Dunn County gets unwanted visitors around Halloween.  Dunn County Sheriffs Deputies say ghost stories are attracting teens to a historic school house and church in Caryville and they are causing a lot of damage.

Vandals have repeatedly damaged the Spring Brook Church and School over the last 20 years.  People have broken windows, spray painted graffiti and removed stones from the church's foundation. The church's president isn't happy about it. "They took the school house door off and threw it in the street, so we put a steal door on there so nobody could get in it," says Jerry Thomas.  "They brought a crow bar and broke in there."

Some of the stories that attract teens to the church talk about disappearing headlights, a boy frozen in his school desk and demons running through the woods.  Chad Lewis investigates paranormal activity and has even written books on the subject.  He says he's never been able to find any truth in the so-called sightings.

"We've shown that many of these stories aren't true," says Lewis. "The backgrounds are false but people still have those experiences, so may it is people are looking to experience something out there and they actually do."

Twenty-five people were ticketed for trespassing on the school's grounds last year.  This year, officers have already warned area high school students to stay away. Dunn County Sheriffs Deputies say no one is allowed on the property for any reason

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