Organizer believes in Strange Phenomena

It might be something out of this world Winona's first Strange Phenomena Conference.

Event organizer Jerry Modjeski of Winona said he believes otherworldly forces have created crop circles, and, yes, a large, upright, non-human primate roams the North American continent.

Modjeski believes aliens have visited the planet because earth is the "Las Vegas of the universe."

He explains his interest in the subject simply. "Curiosity. It's the idea that something's around the corner," Modjeski said.

The hope for another explanation is what he says keeps him and others orbiting the gravitational field of the paranormal.

He hopes today's conference helps people "think about some of the phenomena taking place in their own back yards."

The conference is scheduled from 2 to 6 p.m. at the Winona Arts Center, Fifth and Franklin streets. The cost is $8 and features presentations by Chad Lewis of Eau Claire, Wis., and Craig Lang of Brooklyn Center, Minn.

Lewis will discuss Bigfoot sightings, crop circles and local UFO reports. Lang, a hypnotherapist, will discuss reports of UFOs visiting Earth and their pilots kidnapping humans, what followers call "alien abductions."

While explanations for crop circles have surfaced intelligent humans altering the landscape Modjeski said other circles defy this explanation.

"I'm kind of waiting for that in-your-face sighting," Modjeski said.

Reporter Jeff Dankert can be reached at (507) 453-3513.

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