Paranormal sparks Minnesota Man's curiosity


10/29/07 - KARE- TV

On a scale from one to ten, Chad Lewis' curiosity of the paranormal is a 12.

From the story of a Sasquatch looking creature that is thought to haunt the Minnesota town of Ross, to a gravesite in the middle of the Montgomery golf course, Chad Lewis has traveled thousands of miles in search of the unexplained.

"I believe that people are seeing what they believe to be ghosts or UFO's or Bigfoot type creatures," said Lewis. "After 14 years of doing this, I'm left with more questions than answers. I believe that something is out there, but what that something is, I don't know."

Much of the unexplained he hasn't seen for himself, but he's talked with hundreds of people who believe they've seen something.

At Cal's Corner in Anoka, it's unusual things that happen to Salt and Pepper shakers. At the caves in St. Paul it's the ghosts of gangsters. At The Skatin Place in St. Cloud, it's the footsteps heard. But nobody seen. So many stories with so much unexplained behavior.

Lewis co-wrote a story called the "Minnesota Road Guide to Haunted Locations." He also has one for Iowa and Wisconsin.

"It's certainly not meant to convince people one way or the other," said Lewis. "It's presenting the best fact from fiction, the best history, collecting the best stories and investigation and letting people make up their own mind."

He's traveled the globe speaking and in search of the unexplained. And although he has yet to see the ghost thought to haunt Ye Olde Mill at the State Fair or the ghosts of the Fitzgerald, he says his research will continue, until his curiosity peaks.

"A colleague of mine always jokes, if you're afraid of ghosts, hang out with ghost researchers because we never see them," said Lewis.

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