The street sign for Chicken Alley.

A large orb.

Photos after this one do not depict the orb.


Light by a sign pole that was not there.

It seems 'bird' shaped.


An illuminated spot in road and

another light where there was none.

Credit: Jennifer N.

Copyright: Jennifer N.

My husband surrounded by several orbs.

Photos after this show no orbs at all.



Phantom Chickens and Disembodied Voices at Chicken Alley in Seymour, Wisconsin

Yes, I said Phantom Chickens


By Jennifer N.

05/17/07 - Associated Content

Chicken Alley is a simple country road consisting of four corners and not much else. The stretch of road lies outside of Seymour, Wisconsin, and is reported to have some very odd phenomenon attached to it.

I'm a believer of ghosts and most things paranormal, but I must admit I was more than a bit skeptic about the presence of fowl ghosts here. Still we went since our travels brought us to the region of Chicken Alley. Who are we to pass up an opportunity to check something out, even if it did appear to be far-fetched?

We arrived at the intersection of road referred to as Chicken Alley at about sunset. There was enough daylight there to accomplish what we came there to do: take photos note down any activity, and to do the dare listed in the Road Guide To Haunted Locations (the Wisconsin edition.)

The road sign for Chicken Alley was clearly visible on our trip here. It's said that the sign has a tendency to disappear. Though, from what I've seen disappearing street signs at reportedly haunted areas is anything but supernatural.

I proceeded to take some random photos. I made note of which ones were taken when there was a car in the distance so as not to assume the headlights were paranormal in origin. I also took a video clip here. I wasn't exactly sure why, maybe for EVP or something, but I figured why not try it? Nothing out of the ordinary appeared on the video, but we did get several questionable photos.

The Dare

The dare at Chicken Alley is to stand in the middle of the intersection and see if a disembodied voice yells at you to get out of the road. Both my husband and I did this with no scolding from this unseen person.

The Photos

Our photos depict some interesting shots. These shots have orbs in them, weird lights where there were none, and lights that appear to be in motion. I'm sure some of these shots are probably false positives. I have a lot of shots after the positive ones that are clear with same or similar conditions as well. I'm not sure what's what, but some have been looked at by a paranormal psychologist (and he's requested a copy of the others that we got something odd in as well.)

Due to one of the positive photos being taken into a reflective road sign, I tested out a theory that it might have been a reflection of my camera's flash. I took a photo of the sign once again. No orbs. Not one. Of course this only rules out a reflection of the flash on the sign. It doesn't rule out things like dust or bugs and things of this nature. Click here to see the second photo without the orbs. (The first photo with the orbs can be found published with this article.)

What We Didn't See:

Phantom Chickens. Not a one. What we didn't hear: A scolding from a disembodied voice.

What We Did See:

The street sign. Several orbs (in photos), moving lights (in photos), lights (in photos) where there were none.

What This All Means:

Most of this listing of what we did or did not see goes against the lore of Chicken Alley. This doesn't necessarily mean it's not haunted, but rather that we didn't experience the things that were said to happen. Perhaps you will have better results than we did.

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