The search terms “Dartford Cemetery” and “unexplained research” were making big moves on Google around 1pm this afternoon. They seemed like odd to terms to me considering Halloween is over and Santa has already been spotted heading for your local mall. I did little research which unveiled a local legend out of Greenlake, Wisconsin stating if you sit a top a mausoleum at Dartford Cemetery a ghost will push you off. Being a legend the story must of been around for a while, so why the increased search activity on the word today? Recently, a popular television show on the Discovery Channel called “”A Haunting” did a piece on the cemetery and its pushy ghosts. The episode in question, called “Legend Trippers,” featured 3 teens who tested the spooky story. So, is the cemetery really haunted? The co-search term “unexplained research” refers to the web site by the same name which is listing the hauntings in Dartford Cemetery as “pending”. Guess you’ll have to go there yourself to find out.