Space Ship Spotting

By Eric Rasmussen

01/31/08 - Volume One

In mid-January, if you felt the sudden, unexplainable urge to hum the Close Encounters theme, you were not alone.  Several people in Dunn County experienced a legit UFO sighting.  Creepy!  We knew something was going to happen, because our mysterious implants had been sore for days ahead of time.  In case you missed the copious local news coverage, several motorists witnessed an exceptionally bright bluish-white light falling from the sky north of Menomonie.  They immediately contacted the Dunn County sheriff's office, which investigated the area around Colfax, called the local airports and the FAA, but did not discover any  missing aircraft.  The cover-up story?  It was was meteor.  Terry Fisk, a local paranormal researcher, investigated this event and spoke to the witnesses and the sheriff's office.  Fisk explains that UFO sightings around the area are not at all uncommon.  In fact, he says "this sighting was right in the area of Elmwood, the UFO capital of the country.  Some would say the world."  He goes on to explained that sightings of falling lights are not that common, but the more classic crafts moving in the sky certainly are.  So, if we are living at some sort of intergalactic rest stop, why do sightings like this continue to garner so much media attention?  "This sighting had multiple witnesses, which makes it significant."

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