Stories From Beyond the Grave: Molly's Rock in Sugar Grove
Lauren Burgoyne


10/31/06 - WSAW

Molly's Rock once stood right along the edge of Pine Lake Road in Sugar Camp, with an inscription that read "Stay Off of Molly's Rock."

The landmark was blown up because it was a road hazard and because it was vandalized.
According to legend, when Molly's Rock sat along the road you could see a halo shining above it.

"If you're brave enough to sit on the rock you would hear the voice of a ghostly woman yelling at you to get off of my rock and you'd even be pushed off there," said Paranormal Researcher Chad Lewis.

We didn't experience anything out of the ordinary during our investigation but we wanted to find out who molly was before we left.

So we talked to Irene Thorn who has lived in Sugar Camp her whole life and had never heard the ghost story but she did know of Molly Sassek. Irene said Molly visited during the summers and would sit atop the rock during her strolls.

Molly died in her early sixties.

"We never were afraid of the rock. In fact I always liked big rocks, even if they were small or whatever," said Thorn.

According to the new legend, if you take a piece of the rock..a curse could be bestowed upon you.

Whether it's true or not Molly's story lives on....


To find out about more Central Wisconsin haunts you can visit Chad Lewis' website at www.unexplainedresearch.com

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