Swensson museum in book on state haunted sites

Paul Riemerman
10/27/05 - Montevideo American-News

Chad Lewis is not saying the Swensson Farm Museum is haunted, but there are stories about the Chippewa County historic site.

The Swensson farm is one of about 70 sites in Lewis’s soon-to-be released book, the “Minnesota Road Guide to Haunted Locations.”

The house and barn were built of brick by Olof Swensson and daughter Katie, and completed in 1903.

Stories Lewis heard about the Swensson farm covered in his latest book include a story that Swensson built a secret tunnel from the basement of his farm house to the family cemetery just in case one of his children was buried prematurely, and reports of neighbors seeing lights flickering at night when the house is empty.

“One of the stories I had heard was that when the Chippewa County Historical Society took possession of the house, a cross was painted in blood on a basement wall. From interviewing people, it turns out a cross was painted on a basement wall, but in red paint.”

Lewis also says there is no sign of a tunnel between the house and the family cemetery.

Lewis got interested in reported hauntings while studying psychology in college.

He said he both wanted to find possible real hauntings and get a handle on why many people are willing to believe in ghosts and hauntings.

Lewis also said the haunted sites that made the grade had to be “accessible and current.

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