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03/07/08 - UFOMystic

Here’s a book I definitely recommend that you get hold of: Hidden Headlines of Texas: Strange, Unusual and Bizarre Newspaper Stories, 1860 - 1910. The book was researched and compiled by well-known paranormal author Chad Lewis; and I have written the foreword to it.


This is an essential piece of work for those that want to learn about some of the little-known stories on a whole range of high-strangeness that made their way into the newspapers of Texas in times past.


Fans of Ufology will find much to interest and entertain them, including access to a wealth of little-known 19th Century newspaper articles on the mystery airship encounters that proliferated throughout that era; and also welcome data on the infamous alleged UFO crash at the little town of Aurora, Texas in 1897.


And the good news is that Chad is coming to Texas next weekend to promote his book. Here’s the Press-Release for those that may be in the area and want to attend his lecture:


Bizarre Texas History


Denton TX – UFOs sightings in the Texas sky are not a new phenomenon; in fact, a mysterious airship was reported in Denton in April 1897. Chad Lewis, author and paranormal investigator, will explore this sighting and other bizarre stories reported in turn-of-the-century Texas Newspapers.


Join us at the Emily Fowler Central Library at 502 Oakland Street, March 15, 2008 at 3:00 for this fascinating presentation cosponsored by the Denton Area Paranormal Society. Copies of the book “Hidden Headlines of Texas” will be available for purchase.


For more information, contact Laura Douglas, Special Collections Librarian, at 940-349-8749 or at laura.douglas@cityofdenton.com

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