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03/27/08 - ISTHMUS The Daily Page

Talks & discussion of paranormal events, 7 pm, 4/26, Exhibition Hall, Alliant Center, with authors Chad Lewis & Terry Fisk and investigators Noah Voss & Kevin Nelson. $9. 715-271-1831

When: 04/26/08 @ 7:00pm
Cost: $9
Call: 715-271-1831
Web: www.unexplainedresearch.com

More Information:
When: Saturday April 26th, 2008
Where: Alliant Energy Center of Dane County
Exhibition Hall
1919 Alliant Energy Center Way

Time: 7pm - Doors open at 6:30pm
Cost: $9 at the door - $5 Children 12 and under
For more information call 715-271-1831

Haunted Locations of Wisconsin

Chad Lewis will deliver a slide presentation of research featuring real-life ghost cases and photos along with real haunted Wisconsin sites that you can visit! Join Chad as he unveils new and previously unknown haunted places in the state of Wisconsin. Chad will be available for book signings at the conference.

Chad Lewis has a master;s degree in applied psychology and is a paranormal investigator for Unexplained Research LLC and research specialist for the Mutual UFO Network. Chad hosts both The Unexplained television series and The Unexplained radio talk show. He is the co-author of The Wisconsin Road Guide to Haunted Locations.

The Afterlife: Believers, Debunkers, and Skeptics

Terry Fisk will discuss the evolution of the Western concept of the afterlife, exploring Sumerian, Hebrew, Egyptian, Persian, Greek, Gnostic, and Christian beliefs. His talk will culminate with an examination of the recent scientific studies of near-death experiences, past-life regressions, out-of-body experiences, and mediums.

Terry Fisk is a paranormal investigator for Unexplained Research LLC. He is a shamanic Buddhist practitioner and member of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies who studied Philosophy and Religion at the University of Wisconsin. Terry co-hosts The Unexplained radio talk show, directs The Unexplained television series, and co-authored The Wisconsin Road Guide to Haunted Locations.

Adventures of Paranormal Investigators

Question & Answer Session with Noah Voss and Kevin Nelson

You have seen the shows on TV about ghost hunters but these two paranormal investigators will tell you what it is really like searching the woods for Bigfoot, conducting a UFO investigation, or tracking down ghosts in haunted locations. They will also take YOUR questions and comments.

Noah Voss keeps busy running his three websites; GetGhostGear.com
in which he has been selling paranormal investigating equipment world wide for over five years, UFOwisconsin.com where he regularly posts new reports on Wisconsin's UFO phenomena along with keeping the W-Files.com running all things odd, now since it was first published in 1997. Noah has worked with such companies as the History Channel, Triage Entertainment and Lions Gate Films on projects ranging from UFO documentaries to ABC's 'Scariest Places on Earth'. Noah has also appeared on local and international radio programs such as 'Wake Up America, A UFO Study', 'The Kevin Smith Show' and Wisconsin's very own 'Unexplained Radio Show'.

Kevin Lee Nelson is a paranormal investigator, occult researcher, and contemporary warlock. He has investigated hauntings on ABC's Scariest Places on Earth, searched for werewolves on Discovery Channel's Mystery Hunters, and tracked vampirism in America on Discovery Channel's Travelers. He has also been a guest on The Unexplained Radio Show. Kevin is co-creator of a Midwestern network of paranormal researchers who investigate alleged hauntings, psychical claims, occult mysteries, unknown creature sightings, and other anomalous phenomena. His personal mission is to seek out, record, and preserve our rich heritage of urban legends and modern folklore.

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