There’s plenty of activity here, paranormal investigator says

By Sean Schultz

06/22/05 - Green Bay Press-Gazette

Ghosts in Green Bay? You better believe it — at least according to the guy who co-wrote “The Wisconsin Guide to Haunted Locations.”

The area is loaded with things that go bump in the night, said Chad Lewis, who will appear with two other paranormal investigators at the first Unexplained Conference in Green Bay this weekend. Authors Linda Godfrey and Richard Hendricks, who co-authored “Weird Wisconsin: Your Travel Guide to Wisconsin’s Local Legends and Best Kept Secrets” also will tell tales of spooky sightings in our own back yard.


Who’s there?

What: Unexplained Conference

When: 7 p.m. Saturday

Where: WBAY Building, 115 S. Jefferson St.

How much: $10 tickets at the door

For more info: www.unexplainedresearch.com

Just for fun

If you’ve heard of other places that are said to be haunted in the Green Bay area, let us know by e-mailing sschultz@greenbaypressgazette.com. We’d like to compile a list of ghost stories to share with readers in the future.

Stories have circulated for years about the downtown YMCA at 235 N. Jefferson Ave. and a young man’s ghost who is said to haunt the upper floors, but have you heard about the strange goings-on at BrewBaker’s Pub at 209 N. Washington St., where no one wants to be the last worker to close the place at night?

Phil Kawula, part-owner and manager at BrewBaker’s said he’s never seen an apparition at the bar, but he gets monthly calls from others wondering if it’s true that the place is inhabited by a spirit.

“It can be a creepy place to be late at night alone, without a doubt,” he said. “Everybody here feels that way.”

“I tried to do some research on it,” said Kawula, adding that he hasn’t found any definitive documentation. BrewBaker’s shows up on Web sites as a spooky spot where people have said they hear footsteps or see lights flash on and off when no one’s supposed to be there. At this stage, though, Kawula is still a skeptic.

A few other haunted spots will be discussed at this weekend’s conference, too. An area on Velp Avenue is said to be frequented by leprechauns, while the old hospital at Heritage Hill State Historical Park get visits from a spirit of a bygone era. Vince Lombardi’s ghost supposedly keeps track of the team at Lambeau Field, although Packers’ historian Lee Remmel said he’s never heard such stories.

As for the YMCA’s ghost, associate center director, Amy Schaeuble, denied that there have been sightings.

The Unexplained Conference has drawn audiences of 200 to 300 people at each of its 20 stops around the state, and Lewis expects to see that many Saturday.

“People keep e-mailing us from Green Bay,” he said. “There’s so much odd stuff going on here.”

The presenters will offer information they have on local haunts “and let you look at all sides of the issues, then come to your own conclusions,” Lewis said.

The speakers all have careers outside their paranormal work. Lewis is a grant writer based in Eau Claire but as a psychology student studying why people believe in the paranormal, he got hooked on the subject.

“Ten years later I’m left with more questions than answers,” he said.

Godfrey, a former reporter with a keen interest in werewolves in Wisconsin, is a full-time author in Elkhorn, and Hendricks is a legal researcher at a law firm in Madison.

Lewis said many of us have heard spooky tales about the places around us, and many have had otherworldly experiences. He said he believes that fear tinged with denial is what keeps more people from reporting personal stories involving the supernatural. At the conference, they can feel free to open up.

“My favorite part (of the presentation) is when the people tell their stories. There are more than we could ever, ever investigate,” he said.

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