These pictures were submitted to the Leader by Terry Fisk, a paranormal investigator and former Webster resident who has lived in Eau Claire for the past 10 years. Fisk and his partner, paranormal investigator Chad Lewis, were clued into the appearance of these circles on the Francis and Shelley Swoboda field near Chippewa Falls. As yet, no explanation for the circles has come forward, but several possibilities have been presented. - Photo submitted

Three mysterious crop circles are under investigation in the Chippewa Falls area

08/05/04 - Inter-county Leader

Nancy Jappe 

TILDEN – The message in an e-mail received at the Leader office in Frederic Monday, July 19 said, "Chad and I have been investigating the recent appearances of crop circles in the midwest. Yesterday we investigated one in Litchfield, Minn. Last week, we were in Eagle Grove, Iowa. Next week we'll be investigating one in Rockford, Ill.

"Today we discovered one as close to home as Chippewa Falls," the writer, Terry Fisk, a former Webster resident, continued. "We haven't officially announced it to the media, as we are still in the process of investigating it, but we would be happy to provide photos and an interview later if you're interested."

Terry Fisk was true to his word. He stopped in at the Leader office Thursday, July 29, with information for us to tell our readers.

"Chad (Lewis, Fisk’s partner in investigating paranormal happenings) got an e-mail from 18-year-old Adam Prince, a relative of Nancy Kouba, Webster, telling us about crop circles he had seen in a field near Tilden," Fisk started out.

Prince had been driving by the field when he saw three unusual circles of flattened oats in a farmer’s field. He searched the Internet to find someone local with whom he could share this information. He found Lewis’ Web site, and e-mailed him.

"We went there and could see (the circles) in the field," Fisk continued. "We asked to find out who owned the field."

The field of oats is owned by Francis and Shelley Swoboda of Chippewa Falls. The Swobodas had no idea the circles were there. "We brought it to his attention, and took him out. He was irate, assuming that teen-agers had vandalized his field, causing $500 damage to the field," Fisk said.

Lewis and Fisk looked around for any signs that people had been there. They looked for footprints or a path though the oats. There was no indication how somebody got out to the circles.

It had rained that morning, and the paranormal investigators were wondering if weather might have washed away any footprints. They tried to walk through the grain without knocking anything down. They could see where they had walked, even two days later. "If someone snuck through the field, they were pretty good at it," Fisk commented.

The center of the three circles was 65’ in diameter. Of the two smaller ones, one was approximately 53’ in diameter, the other approximately 55’. The passageways between the three were 5’ wide with a connection that was 30’ long. Fisk and Lewis put equipment out there to get these measurements.

In all of the three circles, the oat crop was laid down in a clockwise swirl in a pattern that went from west to east. Usually, crop circles are straight. The investigators had never seen the circles in any other form, nor had the staff at BLT Crop Circle Investigators, the firm Lewis and Fisk deal with in Cambridge, Mass. Samples from the Tilden crop circles were sent to BLT for analysis.

According to Fisk, all three circles began in the center, with the grain laid down from the center to the edge. Usually in crop circles, the grains are bent, not broken. In hoaxed circles, the grain would be broken, not bent. In some cases, the grain is randomly downed by the wind. In the Tilden circles, no evidence of wind damage was found.

In looking for a pilot to get an aerial view of the circles, Lewis and Fisk found a pilot who said he sees these kinds of circles often, indicating that there may be more in the area.
Lewis and Fisk are waiting to see the results of the crop and soil analysis. They will be interested in the comparison of the nodes on the plants within the circles with controlled samples of the grain outside the circles. If they find node elongation, this could indicate expulsion cavities where the grain has exploded. The only thing they could compare that to would be exposure to microwave radiation and the possibility of something coming in from above.

"Some things indicate this could be a hoax," Fisk said, "but then, it could be legitimate."
Theories of what could have caused the circles to form range from: 1) extraterrestrial beings using the circles as symbols of a message for humans. 2) the military using technology (a military helicopter with a man in military fatigues and binoculars was hovering over crop circles in Mayville while Lewis and Fisk were investigating circles there). 3) some strange weather phenomenon. 4) plasma vortex. 5) angels or Mother Earth herself trying to communicate using symbols in nature.

"At this point, it is an unsolved mystery," Fisk said.

For more information from Lewis and Fisk, the Web site to access on the Internet is http://www.chadlewis.com/. The two also have a radio talk show, "The Unexplained," which can be heard on WOLF 108 FM (WLFK 107.9) Mondays from 10 p.m. to midnight. WOLF 108 FM broadcasts from Eau Claire.

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