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As we near Halloween it's time to talk all things haunted. And legend has it ... there's plenty of spooky and scary to go around in these parts. I had the chance to sit with Chad Lewis, co-author of The South Dakota Road Guide to Haunted Locations, to find out the top five most haunted places right here in the Black Hills.


Perhaps one of the most famous haunted hotels in the country sits right in the heart of downtown Rapid City Chad Lewis says, "Well you have a lot of ghostly activity at the Alex Johnson. From the ghost of Alex himself that is said to stop the elevator when you go on and push the floor" To the woman in white, who many believe was a bride, roaming the halls of the 8th floor As the story is told ... she jumped to her death from her hotel window


Just two blocks away is the oldest building in downtown Rapid City where it's believed many of the staff refuse to work alone at night Chad Lewis says, "And they don't know who it is but they've captured numerous strange things on their video cameras, their security cameras" The unexplained images could be that of Hooky Jack himself, the town's first police officer.


Up to the northern hills ... in Lead ... the Homestake Opera House makes our top five. Chad Lewis says, "Yeah many spirits at the Opera house refuse to leave even from the grave. Workers have seen women on stage when no body should be in the theater."


And not too far away is the Bullock Hotel in Deadwood were Lewis say the ENTIRE hotel is haunted. Chad Lewis says, "It's thought to be haunted by several spirits including that of Seth Bullock himself. Many people have come face to face with Seth.


And rounding out our top five is the Mountain View Cemetery in Keystone Chad Lewis says, "It's there were many of the workers who worked on Mount Rushmore are buried and met their death there. And many people have gone to the cemetery and at night the legend is from the locals is that if you approach the cemetery you'll see the ghosts of those men rising up to watch over their creation."

Lewis encourages everyone to gather up a little courage and visit these sites ... and what's a better time than Halloween? Chad Lewis says, "I think they should go there with the understanding that it's going to be an adventure."