Two Fond du Lac buildings on Top 5 haunted list

By Robert Ireland
10/18/05 - The Reporter


The owners of two Fond du Lac buildings are not surprised their establishments made a paranormal investigator’s Top 5 list of haunted places in the Fox Valley.

The Octagon House, 276 Linden St., and the Ramada Plaza Hotel, 1 N. Main St., are included in the list compiled by Chad Lewis of Eau Claire, who spoke Saturday in Appleton about strange happenings in the Fox Valley.

Ron Schmitz, owner of the Ramada, said it’s well of paranormal investigators visit their sites.

Schmitz said a group from National Public Radio broadcast a half-hour segment about the hotel. Hansen said she recently had a group of people claiming to be “Ghostbusters” visit the Octagon House.

Octagon House visitors have claimed to see the ghost of a young boy wandering the home, Lewis said.

The founder supposedly haunts the Ramada along with several other ghosts, he said.

Lewis has interviewed at least a dozen people from each place that believe they have seen a ghost and he believes they may be right.

“At the Hotel Retlaw, people have seen strange people walking around, and heard music from different time periods,” Lewis said.

Because of the stories, both places plan special events as Halloween approaches.

The Octagon House hosts ghost story readings, which have been sold out for three weeks, Hansen said.

During a reading last year, she said, a ghost disturbed the group. This year she hopes they will be left alone.

“I can’t forecast them (ghost visits) and we can’t stop them,” she said.

The Ramada has decorated the hotel for Halloween and will host several events surrounding the holiday.

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