Bold pursuits brought success to artists with regional ties

12/28/03 - Leader-Telegram

By Ann Barsness

Local sounds

For an overlapping period of one month, local bands found two more outlets to be heard in 2003.

100-WATT RADIO:  Low-power radio station WLFK-LP (107.9) works regional musicians into its regular rotation.

Wolf Snider, 32, launched the 100-watt, nonprofit FM radio station that thrives on playing the kind of rock music you might not hear elsewhere in the Chippewa Valley.

Wolf 108 went on the air July 25.  To make that happen, Snider raised $30,000 in sponsorships, donations, loans.  Banbury Place donated the first year's rent and built the studio.

"It's been a long fight, but we're finally to the point now where we are making some headway," Snider said by telephone during a morning shift.

A live studio that went online Nov. 24 allows live interviews and limited live acoustic performances.  Early this month, six full- and part-time live DJs joined Snyder [sic], who fills the 6 to 10 a.m. slot.

Also this month the station launched "The Unexplained," a midnight Monday call-in show on the paranormal; and Union Records Radio," a 6 p.m. Sunday show that introduces new releases.

The station also offers specialty shows from 10 p.m. to midnight.  Hosts play heavy and death metal Mondays, hip-hop and rap Tuesdays, industrial and goth on Wednesdays and techno and dance music Thursdays.

In the works are plans to launch a Sunday afternoon technology show (as early as mid-January).  Soon aspiring DJs can buy an hour's worth of time to play anything that falls within decency guidelines.

When the station raises $6,000 for equipment, it plans to start broadcasting Saturday night concerts live from the Stones Throw.

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