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a Volume One special Halloween secti-- hey, did you hear something?


10/04/07 - Volume One

Riverside Cemetery, Oshkosh, WI

Reputed Phenomena:  Ghost children have been seen and sensed.

Halloween originated centuries ago under the name of Samhain as a Pagan festival among the Celts of Ireland and Great Britain.  Fast forward a few hundred years to the present day Chippewa Valley where Halloween has become a night when kids stuff their faces with processed sugar and grownups dress up and parade around like idiots.  In short, Halloween has become more awesome than ever before.  And more than any other time of year, Halloween time is when our thoughts turn to monsters, ghosts, and that ...eerie presence...lurking just around the corner.  The next few pages are a guide to Halloween in the Chippewa Valley.  Rip these pages out and place them beneath your pillow at night--they will protect you.  Happy haunting.

Elk Lake Dam, Elk Lake, WI

Reputed Phenomena:  While hitchhiking across the state, Mary K. Schlais was murdered near the dam.  Her ghost haunts the area along the river under the dam.

"Witch Road" (Callan Road), Rosendale, WI

Reputed Phenomena:  Years ago, a witch lived along the road--it's been haunted sincer her death.  At night, parts of the road are unusually dark and cold.  White lights have been observed in the trees.  The ghost of a little girl has been spotted hiding in the woods.

"Hotel Hell" (Maribel Caves Hotel), Maribel, WI

Reputed Phenomena:  People report a figure peering out of one of the windows, as well as strange noises and voices.  In the basement, people have reported feelings of being threatened.

Undisclosed home, Stevens Point, WI

Reputed Phenomena:  Strange sounds (e.g., growling, voices) can be heard on a voice-activated tape recorder left upstairs.  Scratching sounds can be heard on the outside of the house.

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