We need your spine-tingling tales

The Murray County Museum would love to have you share your stories


09/20/06 - Murray County News

Dry leaves skitter across the sidewalk and huddle shaking in corners.

Chilly winds rattle the branches of trees that creak in the night.  A bright moon rises in the sky just bright enough for us to see --- WHAT IS THAT?

Do you have a spooky story to tell?  Is there some strange encounter that happened to you or someone you know?  Perhaps there is a story handed down through your parents or grandparents about something that no one can explain.  Does Murray County have any haunted places?  The Murray County Museum would love to have you share your stories with us!  You can write them down, email them to us, or tell the stories to us, and we'll write them down for you.

Your stories will be presented at our Annual Meeting on October 22, at 1:30 at the Royal Loon.   Featured speaker at the meeting will be Chad Lewis, co-author of "The Minnesota Road Guide to Haunted Locations." Lewis is a paranormal investigator with a Master of Science degree in Applied Psychology and is also the organizer and speaker for The Unexplained conferences and host of The Unexplained radio and television program.

The deadline for your story is October 18 and may be sent to the Murray County Museum, 2480 29th Street, Slayton MN  56172 or emailed to museum@ co.murray.mn.us.  Call the museum at 507-836-6533 for more information.

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