Winona Art Center hosting UFO specialists

By John Yehambaram
09/29/04 -  Winonan

Do you believe in the paranormal and the unexplained?  Whether or not you do, the Strange Phenomena Conference will be held in the Winona Art Center on Saturday.

The event organizer Jerry Modjeski said that this conference is open to the public and will feature talks by Chad Lewis, paranormal investigator and Craig Lang, Field Director of Investigations for Mutual UFO Network (MUFON).

MUFON is an organization that has branches spreading out to over 20 states and also includes Canada, which specializes in investigating UFO activity.

Modjeski said that the conference will feature an open microphone session for the audience to voice their opinions or experiences about the paranormal.

Mojeski said this gives a great opportunity for believers and non-believers of the paranormal to speak out and say what they feel or have witnessed.

"Chad will be presenting a slide show presentation of photographs taken during his investigation on crop circles this summer.  He also will present a picture of a "Bigfoot" creature taken by a witness named Dennis Murphy," Modjeski said.

According to Lewis' Web site, there is a lot of UFO activity happening in Wisconsin and Minnesota.

"Craig, who is a certified hypnotherapist, has been in the field for almost 12 years and has worked with people who have claimed to be abducted by aliens," said Modjeski.

Modjeski said Lewis helps them get over the experience through hypnosis.  He will be conducting his talk on his experiences with people who have had this problem.

According to Lang's Web site, some anomalies are seen in the sky while others, such as UFO abduction and or contact experiences, intrude deeply into people's lives.

"Among these, the experience of the UFO encounter presents one of the greatest challenges to our world view.  More than a witnessing, a close encounter with the unexplained can be an up close and personal, reality-changing event, " Modjeski said.

"I have done some investigating for MUFON but so far have never witnessed any UFO's, but I do have a strong belief in them.  I'm curious to know what's out beyond this earth.  I have met with friends, relatives, co-workers and people that you would never think would approach you, talk about their experiences," Modjeski said.

Modjeski said that this is the first time he has organized something like this and is eager to find out what the people of this community have to say on Saturday.

"I have been to many conferences like this and it is always a surprise to see people's reaction and experiences because it's from people you would never thing of," Modjeski said.

"People are always afraid to voice out their opinions especially when it comes to the paranormal, but hopefully by bringing this event to Winona we can help somebody or anybody bring out whatever they have to say," Modjeski said.

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