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Spiritual Medium
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  • Allison DuBois is a research medium who has successfully read for major celebrities, scientists, skeptics, and television producers.  She participated in "the afterlife experiments" conducted by Gary Schwartz, Ph.D. at the University of Arizona.  This study investigated the alleged talents of several of the most well-known spiritual mediums in the world, including John Edward.  While Edward is the more famous, Schwartz describes DuBois as the 'Michael Jordan' of mediums, due to her amazing hit rate.  DuBois' accuracy is between 70 percent and 90 percent.

    DuBois has become so famous that an NBC has filmed a pilot for a television series based on her life.  Kelsey Grammer of Frasier is the executive producer.  The series, titled Medium, features Patricia Arquette playing DuBois. 

    She has written a book, Don't Kiss Them Goodbye, which will be available this fall. 

Allison DuBois is an ASU graduate, criminal profiler, and mother of three who resides in Arizona.

To Schedule A Reading:   scheduling@AllisonDuBois.com
Email:  CLOSURE@AllisonDuBois.com
Website:  http://www.allisondubois.com/background.html

Featuring Richard Hendricks


E-mail:  weirdwi@weird-wi.com

Websites:  http://www.weird-wi.com/


Medical Intuition
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  • Judith Orloff M.D. is featured regularly in print, broadcast and online media. Her unique and sought-after guidelines on how to recapture, nurture and affirm our energy and intuitive abilities have helped people worldwide to heal themselves. Judith's work has been featured in O Magazine, Self, Cosmo, Health,The New York Post, Life Magazine, Parents, Natural Health, and USA Today. She has appeared on CNN, PBS, Lifetime, A&E, and NPR. Judith's work is featured on Beliefnet.com, iVillage, iparenting, and she is a columnist for Healthy.net.

Judith Orloff, M.D. is a board-certified psychiatrist and an assistant clinical professor of psychiatry at UCLA. She is the author of the bestsellers, Positive Energy: Ten Extraordinary Prescriptions for Transforming Fatigue, Stress, and Fear Into Vibrance, Strength and Love and also Dr. Judith Orloff's Guide to Intuitive Healing and Second Sight, a memoir about coming to terms with her intuitive abilities. Dr. Orloff is an international lecturer and workshop leader on the interrelationship of medicine, intuition, energy and spirituality.


E-mail: drjorloff@aol.com
Website:  http://www.drjudithorloff.com/

Core Shamanism
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  • Myron Eshowsky, M.S. is a teaching faculty member of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies, and he's Executive Director of Pathways Foundation for Peace and Healing, which works shamanically to promote shamanic applications to peacemaking and healing in the world.  He has taught in the United States, Canada and Europe since 1989.  He has written and published extensively on the integration of shamanic methods into modern life.  


Myron Eshowsky (M.S., Counseling Psychology, 1974) was a psychotherapist for 24 years.  He has formally studied shamanism and folk healing since 1970. 

E-mail:  PathwaysforPeace@aol.com 
Website:  http://www.communityshamanism.com/main_page.htm
North Carolina Mystery Creature
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  • Bill Kurdian, an outdoor enthusiast who lives on an 80-acre farm outside Asheboro, North Carolina photographed an unidentified animal in his backyard on May 20, 2004 using a motion-sensing camera.  The fox-like animal has short brown hair and a long cat-like tail.  Experts from the North Carolina Zoo in Asheboro have been unable to identify the creature.


(Photo courtesy of Bill Kurdian)

Bill Kurdian is a long-time member of the Wake County Wildlife Club, affiliated with the North Carolina Wildlife Federation, and a hunter and fisherman.

05/30/04 - Mystery animal 'captured'
06/03/04 - Wait! It's a ... : Unidentified creature stumps experts
06/10/04 - Everyone's got an opinion on photo of mysterious creature

Famous Wisconsin Mystics
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  • Hannah Heidi Levy, author of Famous Wisconsin Mystics, has gathered information on over two dozen astrologers, Tarot readers, palmists, psychics and spiritual healers from the state of Wisconsin.  She will discuss such topics as how they developed their abilities, how messages come to them, how they deal with skeptics, the significance of dreams, and the value of psychic telephone hot lines.

Hannah Heidi Levy is a clinical social worker in the drug and alcohol field.

E-mail:  hannah-heidi@att.net
Website:  http://www.hannah-heidi.com/
Wisconsin Folklore
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James P. Leary was born and raised in northern Wisconsin and, since the early 1970s, has focused his research on the folklore of the Upper Midwest's diverse peoples, with particular emphases on musical and narrative performances, on pluralism and creolization, and on public folklore. Leary earned a B.A. in Literature from the University of Notre Dame (1972), an M.A. in Folklore from the University of North Carolina (1973), and a Ph.D. in Folklore and American Studies from Indiana University (1977). Currently Professor of Folklore and Scandinavian Studies and Director of the Folklore Program at the University of Wisconsin, Leary has done research and production for numerous festivals, museum exhibits, radio programs, documentary sound recordings, and films regarding the folk artistry of Upper Midwesterners. 

His publications include Minnesota Polka, Yodeling in Dairyland: A History of Swiss Music in Wisconsin, Down Home Dairyland (with Richard March), Midwestern Folk Humor, and Wisconsin Folklore.
Co-director of the Center for the Study of Upper Midwestern Cultures

E-mail:  jpleary@wisc.edu 

Utah UFO 
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  • Tommy J. Woodard, Photo Librarian for the Utah Film Commission, took a photo that shows what many people believe is a UFO.  Woodard, 22, was snapping photos of trees in Provo Canyon, Utah on May 18th and later noticed a strange black speck in one of the photos.  After enlarging it, he was startled by what appeared to be a purple, glowing saucer hovering at an angle just above the tree tops.

    Woodard's colleagues were equally impressed by the photo, and later it was analyzed by video and film expert Jim Dilettoso.

Tommy J. Woodard became an intern at the Utah Film Commission in July of 1999 right after graduating high school.  After his one month internship passed, the Utah Film Commission decided to hire him full time.  After a few months, Tommy became the Photo Librarian for the Film Commission.  His responsibilities include updating photos, categorizing & upkeeping the photo library, scouting for new locations and assisting with projects. 

Woodard, an avid outdoorsman, is also trying to enlist with the United States Marine Corps Reserve. 


Articles:  Utah UFO?  by Scott Davis / KMSB, AZ - Jun 14, 2004
                   UFO On Film / KTVX, UT - May 20, 2004
E-mail:  wootom@yahoo.com

UFO Video & Film Analysis
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  • Jim Dilettoso,  Director of Technology for Village Labs in Tempe, Arizona, has been researching UFOs for over 20 years and is a world-recognized expert in video analysis.

He has designed or produced over 1000 music concerts including major tours for the Moody Blues and Journey, including all phases of staging, electrical, rigging, lighting, sound, and special effects.

Feature films such as Lost in Space and Titanic have used Mr. Dilettoso's animation and rendering technology to create realistic scenes and buildings.

Although best known for his numerous appearances on Sightings, he has appeared on over 200 TV broadcasts, including  Discovery, FOX, A&E, Disney, MTV, and CNN

Jim Dilettoso has over 100 projects and 20 years experience in CAD engineering and communications installation. He was one of the early pioneers in Computer Aided Design systems with experience in systems design and application engineering. He was a founder of the Arizona State University Computer Institute and served as it's CAD and AI Director from 1984 to 1989. While in that post he also served as the NASA Industrial Application Center Technology Director

E-mail:  jim@villagelabs.com
Websites:  http://www.villagelabs.com/
Shadow People
  • Heidi Hollis is the founder of the UFO and paranormal discussion group UFO2U. She has been looking into the UFO phenomena for over 15 years to address her own personal experiences and to help others speak more openly/frankly on the topic.  Heidi is the author of The Secret War:  The Heavens Speak of the Battle, the first and only book written on the Shadow People!  

Heidi Hollis is actively involved in bringing the paranormal into the mainstream so as not to be thought of as uncommon. She has written for a variety of venues and is currently working on a few projects that are aiming to put together television shows dedicated to understanding the paranormal.  She has co-hosted the syndicated paranormal radio show SETLAB Chat and has been interviewed for a variety of radio programs and publications. Heidi is also an aspiring screen writer and accomplished comic strip artist who possesses a Bachelor of Science degree and is a certified Occupational Therapist.

E-mail:  heidi@ufo2u.com
Websites:  www.ufo2u.com

Museum of the Unexplained
  • Bob White is the only UFO witness to recover physical evidence, make a sworn statement, and pass a conclusive polygraph test.

In 1985, White and a friend were driving on a desolate highway near the Colorado-Utah border when they spotted a UFO late at night.  The strange light in the sky, only about 100 yards away, later connected with a pair of neon, tubular lights, before bolting across the sky and disappearing.  As it departed, a red-hot, glowing piece of metal fell from it.  White quickly retrieved the artifact and brought it home.

The object is about 7 1/2 inches long, shaped like a teardrop, has a coarse, metallic exterior, and weighs less than 2 pounds.  

Men in Black II.  The focal point of the museum is the UFO artifact which is guarded by motion detectors, closed-circuit TV, and window and door alarms.

Testing determined that the pinecone-shaped object is composed primarily of aluminum.  Additional testing, conducted by a laboratory in California, determined that the artifact's strontium isotope levels were virtually the same as those found in meteorite samples from Mars.

White has passed two polygraph tests when questioned about the UFO encounter and the object.

Galde Press in Minnesota will be publishing his book this summer.

White has been interviewed on numerous radio programs nationwide and was featured on the TV show Extra in 2000.

Article:  Man hopes to draw tourists to see what he says is a metallic object that fell off a UFO
E-mail:  info@hardevidence.com
Website:  http://www.hardevidence.com/
Talking to Extraterrestrials
  • Lisette Larkins was born and raised in southern California. In 1987, as a wife and a young mother of an infant son, her whole world turned upside down when she began to be contacted by extraterrestrials. At first, unsure of what was happening to her, she considered that she was perhaps losing her mind. But after extensive psychological testing and evaluation, she was assured to be of sound mind. In fact, her therapist is a contributor in her book. Eventually, Lisette came to understand that like many otherwise ordinary people around the world, she is part of a growing trend, whereby more and more humans are being contacted by inhabitants from other galaxies.


E-mail:  lisette@talkingtoets.com
Website:  http://www.talkingtoets.com/

The Estrella Lights
  • Dr. Sky (Steven R. Kates) will discuss the recent sightings of the Estrella Lights (AKA the Phoenix Lights II).

Steven R. Kates is the President of Dr.Sky.com,Inc. 

Articles:  Strange Lights Spotted After Power Outage
                  UFOs over the Estrella Mountains?
Email:  steve@drsky.com
Website:  http://www.drsky.com/

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